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Happy October 1st, everyone! It is no exaggeration to say that summer clothes are definitely put away with this. Although the temperature is still a bit all over here. He’s been finishing his A/W wardrobe this past week, but we want to spotlight one of his favorite trends this season: leather. It’s obviously something people love to wear year after year, but it seems to be trending more trendy this season, especially in blazer styles.So I thought I’d round up my best finds to share with you. I’ve tried my best to link classic and versatile pieces that can be styled in any way, so I hope you find something you like 🙂

i just bought these leather leggingsI searched high and low for a good pair and thought these looked the best. my instagram to see what they look like.I’m also looking for this leather jacketMine has gotten a little old, so I need to find a new one ASAP as it’s a piece I wear a lot in the fall. this blazer I think this is also very reasonably priced compared to others I’ve seen. this dress It caught my eye because I love how you style it over a shirt here. You can definitely do the same over a polo neck. these boots. this chunky style It’s also nice – I like the gold detailing on the front and it’s a little more subtle than other chunky styles out there right now.

Let me know if you picked up anything from this post. I am so excited to style this trend!

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