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Set against the backdrop of the dramatic Italian Alps is Lake Como, the precious jewel of northern Italy. A destination you’ve always dreamed of. There is so much to see and explore in this world that he wouldn’t want to visit a place twice, but I wouldn’t mind if that place was Lake Como in Italy. nobody does.

I’m not new to Italy, but all my travels have been to the south or the Mediterranean coast. Exploring each region is a cultural and culinary must, as each boasts its own traditions and flavors. When I finally experienced Lake Como in the north, it felt like my girlfriend’s 20-year trip to Italy had finally come full circle. The only place to explore is Puglia….next summer is yet to come!

We flew directly into Milan, rented a car and went to the lake – about an hour drive. However, you can also reach the town of Como by train. From there, you can easily find ferry stops to each city. We knew we wanted to explore the many towns around the lake without having to deal with ferry schedules and summer tourist crowds, so driving felt right for us. Having grown up in Como, I was very comfortable driving around Como. The terrain and roads are very similar, not as fast and aggressive as you might think. Just one important tip. Stay in the right lane and only use the left lane for overtaking.

We started planning our trip to Lake Como almost three years ago. Freddie and I have always stayed at Leading Hotels of the World properties and collected content organically. So when it came time to book our trip to Como, we knew he had to be one of LHW’s most iconic Italian establishments. Villa d’EsteLocated in the town of Cernobbio, it is one of the first towns you will encounter when entering Lake Como from Milan. It’s a quiet town, but it has everything you need. Antique shopping, traditional restaurants and even Harry’s Bar!Go a little further and you’ll reach the gate Villa d’EsteIn no time you’ll know you’ve arrived. This property epitomizes the prestige and elegance expected of an icon. Two historic buildings, the Cardinal Building and the Queen’s Pavilion, are set in century-old gardens overlooking the lake. The energy of the property demonstrates the art of living well, an Italian aptitude.

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During the day we enjoyed swimming and taking a sunset boat ride. A dining experience that you can enjoy with all five senses at night. What are the main attractions? La Veranda. A round table covered with a white tablecloth as far as the eye can see. Everything is in a row between the hotel and the lakefront. Seating begins at 6pm, and the contrast between black bow tie waiters and guests’ dresses creates a symphony. Of course, a suit jacket is a must. Time seems to stand still and suddenly you find yourself enjoying four hours of wine and dinner by the most helpful and charismatic wait staff in all of Italy. Departure wasn’t easy, but what made things a little easier was the concierge telling us “ci vediamo dopo”. There is only hope!

After staying at Villa d’Este, we checked into a hotel a few miles down the road to Brienno. quaint apartment From there we could look down on the 16th century church. Waking up to the sound of bells every morning was one of the highlights of our trip with him. We spent hours exploring each day by car and found true gems that you wouldn’t otherwise find.The first is Parco Teresio Olivelli, a stunning swimming spot in Tremezzina. Have lunch at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo and take a dip.

We also wanted to step into a few different hotels around the lake for dinner, and Il Sereno was a modern Italian dining experience. Mandarin Oriental If you want to take a break from Italian, this is a must. The Asian inspired menu was a refreshing escape.

Speaking of towns to explore, don’t miss Menaggio or Bellagio! Both were the most charming towns with everything you would expect from Lake Como. A stunning botanical garden and historic villa just a short walk from the department.