One of the benefits of staying in a KOTI apartment is getting a personal cleaning service once a week. I am always kind and I can clean my apartment by myself, but what a difference weekly deep cleaning makes! ?

So I want you to meet Christina, one of the girls who cleans KOTI’s apartment. She is very good at cleaning and she has a very sweet personality so she doesn’t mind if we are in the apartment. At the same time while she was cleaning.

Christina is from the Philippines and has been living in Helsinki for less than a year. “My cousins ​​have been living in Finland for a long time and it is thanks to them that I moved here. It was my first long winter here, so I didn’t have much of a chance to explore Helsinki outdoors, but now that summer is here and the weather is nice, I’m definitely going to do it. .”

We talked a bit more about Helsinki and how does she like it compared to her home country? “I think Helsinki is very safe. We won’t disturb or attack you.We also have excellent and reliable public transportation.”

When I asked her how she likes to work Coty Apartment And if there’s one thing you’d like to pin as your best feature from your time at KOTI, she continued: KOTI’s visitors and tenants are also very friendly and grateful. i am very happy about that. “

We hope this brings you closer to the humans of the 3rd KOTI Apartment and gives you an idea of ​​who to expect when visiting a KOTI Apartment. ?