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Killarney Ireland Travel Guide

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Today I am thrilled to reveal Killarney, My Guide to Ireland Part 2! I will continue!) but also a magical place in its own right. You get a little bit of everything here, making it a must-see destination on your Ireland trip. Keep reading for my guide, which includes a few recommendations from locals and readers as well as my personal reco! I packed it!)

*Stars are personal favorites!

Planning a trip to Killarney? Here’s what you need to know!

*Asterisks indicate my personal favorites!

Grab a Bloomers (with ice, IYKYK) at Galway Hooker, Dublin Station before catching the train to Killarney

What’s the best way to get to Killarney?

If you’ve never been to Dublin, I think it’s fun to see both because they are so different and you get to know a little bit about the city, the country, and everything! flights are also the most economical and there are several trains available from Killarney to Dublin. There is also a cute pub called Galway Hooker inside the train station where you can grab a pint and something to eat if you have time between the plane landing and the train leaving. It is recommended to book the train in advance. There are many options available, but I think the quickest one is to change with Mallow (one stop and he only changes once, very easy). You will arrive in about 3 hours and 15 can search for trains here.

If you’re not interested in Dublin and want to explore other parts of Ireland, you could fly to Cork and take the train to Killarney (an option that might end up exploring next time!), or Fly to Shannon and drive to Killarney, approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. (You can rent one or hire a driver/Uber, but it will be pretty expensive). I know there are buses too, but I don’t know their timetables! It’s about a four-hour drive from Dublin, so if you plan to rent a car and don’t want to take the train, flying to Cork or Shannon is the best option.

Need to rent a car?

You don’t necessarily have to, but it depends on how much time you have, how much you like driving and what kind of experience you want! Neil and I have been to Killarney twice , never rented a car. Driving on a small windy road on the other side of the road is not a fun idea for us, but some people love driving and don’t mind it at all. I like the extra flexibility the car offers.

How many days do you need in Killarney?

On both occasions we stayed for 3 nights and 2 days and always wish we had at least one more day. The great thing about Killarney is that the town itself is quite charming, but there are so many things to see and do in the surrounding area that it’s a great place for day trips and other fun excursions.

So let’s take a look at some of the best places to check out while you’re there!

Where to stay in Killarney:

I think it depends on your taste! If you want to go out at night and want to walk home from the bars, and be within walking distance to shops, cafes, etc., then you definitely want to stay in the center of town. (There are many AirBnBs and hotels, but I can’t speak to them personally!)

we stayed of Lake Hotel, About a 25 minute walk into town or a short taxi ride. As the name suggests, it was on a lake and had a breathtaking view. It’s easy to get into town by taxi, but be aware that not many people stay out late at night, so you should actually call.

The great thing about the location is its proximity to Killarney National Park. A few minutes down the street. Parking is also ample and if you rent a car there is plenty of parking which is a big plus!See photos here.

Things to do in Killarney:

Best Killarney pubs:

  • *Courtney’s (Uncle Liam’s favorite pub. Very cozy and charming inside!)
  • O’Connor’s Pub
  • Danny Mann’s Pub
  • Martha’s Pub
  • macros pub
  • *JM Reidy’s pub (A gigantic, maze-like place that’s essential for live music and dance. I’ve always wanted to eat here!)
  • *Killarney Grand: (Don’t miss the great live music in the front room and the dancing and DJ in the back room!)
  • Killeen House

upper left: Dinner at Brisin. I know this is the worst photo, but the box was very nice! Top right: Late night at the Grand. This band was amazing!

Best restaurants in Killarney:

*Brycine: I asked a few locals what the best restaurant in town was and they all said Brisin – and they weren’t wrong. They are famous for their bokti, a delicious Irish crepe. (I had the lamb curry bokty, and it was delicious!)

*Killerney Brewing: (Our family brewery! We’re also investors so we’re obviously biased, but really great) Great beers and great flatbread pizza. (Jerez lager is my favorite!) It has a cute little patio and the staff are great!

*Killarney Distillery Restaurant: Newest venture from Killarney Brewing! (Why we were there – keep reading below!) Stop by for a tour or tasting (we make whiskey, gin and beer here – tours starting soon but the restaurant is currently open !), don’t miss the view from the rooftop and have lunch or dinner in a beautiful trendy restaurant. Their restaurant has some of the best food we have had in Killarney and is the coolest, most modern place to eat in the area. They will also be offering live music.

Other honorable mentions that were recommended but not reached: murphy browns When Celtic Whiskey Bar & Larder. Also, Hotel Europe– Located next to a distillery a short distance from town. It has some great views and is a great place for a special lunch.

Things to do/see in/around Killarney:

a visit to Killarney Brewing & Distilling!

Some of the crew stopped by to check on the progress of the facility before the Ring of Kerry tour.

Killarney brewing and distilling is the reason for my last two trips to Ireland.

T.his background: Neil’s Uncle Liam (whose parents are from Killarney and he lives in Chicago) is one of the founders along with his friends Tim O’Donoghue and Paul Sheehan (both from Killarney). Killarney Brewing opened in 2015 and we went to the grand opening that time too. It was so successful that they decided to go ahead with building a whiskey and gin facility. We invested several years ago along with other family members. Chance to see the new facility before it opens to the public!

So, of course, I a bit As a family member and as an investor we are biased – this is not shameless self-promotion – from the gorgeous design throughout the property, to the beautiful restaurant with great food and great service, to the breathtaking rooftop views With Dunloe’s Gap from , live music by Irish dancers and more, it’s a must-see place. (Fortunately, it’s right by the Ring of Kerry and not far from town, so it’s a great place to end your Ring of Kerry adventure or take a cab on another occasion. Yes!) I recommend taking a tour. Drink on the roof (weather permitting) and enjoy a nice dinner here. **Currently, only the restaurant and gift shop are open, but the rest of the facilities (including tours) will open in the coming weeks!**

Also of note, we will soon have the only event space not attached to the hotel in case you want to plan an Irish wedding in the future! It wasn’t finished when we were there, but I’ve seen plans for the space. They are beautiful, modern and chic!

Ideas for successfully incorporating a visit to KBD into your itinerary:

go drinking at europe hotel (next door), then dinner at the distillery. (Both are a short taxi ride from town!)

Enjoy dinner here after driving through the Ring of Kerry. (Or at least have a pint and take in the view!)

Come for lunch after hiking Dunloe’s Gap (you can see the Gap from the rooftop!)

*Killarney National Park:

absolute not to be missed(It’s also free, not like the national parks in the US!) You can hike, bike and horseback ride through the park! I highly recommend checking out the ruins of We rented bikes from Killarney Bike Rentals (next to the Lake Hotel) and only had about 2 hours to check out the park, but it was plenty of time. (I could have stayed longer, but I felt that her two hours were well worth it!)

On our way back to town from our visit to the park, Lake Hotel Head back into town for lunch or a pint, enjoy the beautiful scenery, or enjoy a flatbread and pint at Killarney Brewing.

Kelly’s ring:

It is the main attraction of the area and what brings most people to Killarney. The Ring of Kerry is a road that circles the countryside. We did the large group bus tour of the Ring of Kerry as we are only here with a large group, but if you are not with a group you can do it yourself. (This is one of the occasions when I would like to rent a car, the roads can be miserable at times, but I think it’s still worth it!)

Points to note: All tour buses operate anticlockwiseDrive clockwise to avoid bus traffic. Easy to stop, you can stop wherever you like. I would love to do the drive myself as I know there are many places I haven’t been with a big group.Dramamine without drowsiness sea ​​bandThey will save you!

Stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, ancient ruins and much more to see along the Ring of Kerry. There are also many cute towns to drive through. Kenmare and Sneem are two very cute spots worth a stop. This article It provides a great overview of the highlights, but some reader favorites include Valentina Island, Skellig Michael (where Star Wars was filmed!), hiking Dunloe’s Gap, visiting Derrynan Beach, There is an oversight of the ladies’ view and so on. (Remember, you don’t have to do *the whole* of Kelly’s Ring, each of these destinations can be an excursion in its own right!)

How much time should I spend playing Ring of Kerry? I will book your day This is not something you want to rush! Another thing I think is cool is renting a car and staying in small country towns, quaint cottages, etc. to get around for a few days. How fun it is! You can spend more time in a particular place (like an afternoon at Delinan Beach, for example!) without being rushed.

Above: Our first stop was the famous Irish Coffee Red Fox Inn. They were delicious!

There are other things to do in the area, according to readers and locals.

Day trip to Dingle: Dingle is another popular destination just a short drive from Killarney. Some say rent a car and take a day trip to Dingle instead of the Ring of Kerry, while others say the opposite. Dingle is definitely at the top of my list for my next trip. This is my father-in-law’s favorite place. My father wants to rent a house in Dingle for the summer.

Torque mountain: One reader said this was his favorite hike he took while studying in Ireland.

Shopping at Weavers of Ireland or Quill’s: A great place to shop for Irish sweaters and other woolen souvenirs. Orders over $100 ship home!

Hope this helps. Enjoy the magic of Killarney as much as we did! Also don’t miss my guide to Dublin!

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