Kelly Ripa talks about new book, Prince Harry’s memoir and more

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W.hen Kelly Ripa–– The celebrity net worth, who reportedly has a net worth of $120 million, set out on her first book in 2020, and she’s not at all worried. I did. “I am anti-impostor syndrome” she says “I think you can write a book because you love doing things, you love reading.” Kelly Ripa Net Worth

But once she started, that confidence began to fade. Luckily, she had her Rolodex full of published author friends, whom she could turn to for motivation and advice.When her deadline anxiety crept up on her, she was an actor Alan Cumming “He told me he was four years past the deadline.’ says Lipa.In a moment of doubt, she turned to the actor and former White House staffer Cal Penn: “I said, ‘I was walking in front of a bus and I had a dream that I was run over by a bus,’ and he said, ‘Oh, that means you’re almost done.’ increase.

and, Mark ConsuelosRipa’s former co-star on the soap opera “All my children” 26 year old husband who read all the chapters first. “If he disputes something, I will give him time to dispute it — in a footnote.” Ripa says.

In a collection of essays titled “Live Wire: Long story short story” Ripa, 51, traces her career trajectory from the 12 years she spent. “All my children” For over 20 years, she’s co-hosted a live morning show alongside a rotating cast of fellows, including: Regis Philbin, Michael Strahan, When Ryan Seacrest.

“The only thing that writing this book has taken away from me is the ability to enjoy reading other books.” Ripa says. “All I can think about now is how self-loathing the author got in the process, and how he spent the night looking up the thesaurus.”

Here she addresses the WSJ. On-screen chemistry, Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir, and her secrets to keeping her marriage exciting.

Here are some of what Kelly Ripa revealed to the WSJ. magazine…

What time does she get up on Mondays?

I usually wake up around 5am because I try to pull in as many news stories as possible. We try to entertain our viewers, who spend most of their mornings reading network news. So they try to spread them with silly news stories, such as an alligator roaming the Texas suburbs or a bear eating cupcakes at a second birthday party. Kelly Ripa Net Worth

About her routine:

I sneak into the bathroom, close the door and give myself a dry body brush. Elle Macpherson do it. It’s good for circulation. Apparently it will grow 6-8 inches by the time I’m done. Just kidding, it doesn’t happen. But I try every day. There is a fresh hope that it will happen.

I showered and washed my hair and now I do my makeup at home because of Covid-19. After showering, I put on 855 different serums and lotions to no avail. Mark brings me coffee during his working hours.

What is your favorite breakfast on Mondays?

I don’t eat breakfast until the show is over, and I’ve been a host for over 22 years, so if I’ve had breakfast before, I sit in that show and digest it. Just one complaint of indigestion.

In her book introduction, she details that both she and Prince Harry were due to release their books on the same day, and whether or not she will read his book.

Oh my God Yes of course I will. I delayed the announcement because I didn’t want Prince Harry to suck the wind out of my tiny little announcement. So to me, it was all a bad sign, right? I don’t want to publish everything. Help people find it in the library.

On the possibility of Prince Harry reading her book:

Oh, I think it’s probably a 0% chance, but maybe Meghan Markle does.

When writing scripts with one goal in mind:

My ultimate goal is to get off camera. [being] in front of the camera.

On the perception that she vibrates at a higher frequency and has more energy than most people:

I don’t It can vibrate at a higher frequency for hours, then collide with almost inanimate objects, like a person sleeping with open eyes. I feel like I have to apologize to my companions who are with me at dinner. Because they think they’re having a party. I just want things said so I can listen instead of chatter.

About her favorite TV cameos from the past few years:

By far, I think my favorite must be ‘Broad City’. Over 30 years on TV — 12 years on ‘All My Children’, 3 years on the sitcom ‘Hope and Faith’, 22 years on the daily live talk show and most recognized for ‘Broad City’. ”

Why they work well together on screen:

I like working with my friends.Ryan [Seacrest] We have been friends for over 20 years, so I work with them. We trust and respect each other. We involve each other in deep discussions at work, which was very new to me.

On how she keeps her marriage exciting:

We really like each other and I think that’s what matters most. We enjoy each other’s company. We like talking to each other. More importantly, you can sit quietly together and do nothing. We went on vacation and watched the sunset. We didn’t say a word to each other. And when the sun went down, he looked at me and said, “That was really good.” And I said, “It really was.”

On the best advice she ever received:

The best advice I’ve ever received is to learn to say, “No, that doesn’t work for me.” You will want to throw in an apology. trust me, okay? no kidding. It is human nature to apologize. It is important not to apologize. Apologies are negotiable. The phrase is “No, it doesn’t work for me” and it will help you all in your life. Kelly Ripa Net Worth

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