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Jonathan Neil Alexander looks into the “Cabinet of Curiatricity”

Jonathan Neil Alexander I’m ready to jump to unexpected things. Perhaps that’s why he’s in comedy with such a wide range of training. “There is a level of spontaneousness that needs comedy to make the scene fresh and lively,” he says. “In addition, comedy training improves the dramatic job I need to do, and vice versa. They tell me as much as letting me know. My favorite. Some of the dramatic performances are due to outstanding comedy actors. I think there is a reason. It’s a kind of fearless and consistent exploration of the truth that comedy really needs. I grew up around my family. The story always needs laughter. It’s a code that is not written. “He had the opportunity to actually bend the muscles working together. Who’s line Legendary Colin Mokley. “I actually worked with Cholin on a new Outtv program. JohnesWork with Colin Johnes It was wonderful. He is a good example of always keeping things fresh. In other words, he was an improvised Godfather, and what he did through his whole career was to keep it fresh. It’s really wonderful to see him throwing something into the scene without any effort. He is also an executive of the show, and when he had a session in his room. He was always very open for the floating idea. He is Jesus and Guy.

In contrast, Jonathan’s recent gigs are a very serious problem. “Cabinet Cabinet Is a horror anthology series released on October 25 at Netflix. Each episode features a unique cast and a completely different world of Oscar winners and creative genius Geremmo del Toro. I think Geremmo is doing different things in the genre of horror because he comes from a place of caring and curiosity (fashion is not really intended). He has expanded our understanding of the genre. Overturns the horror metaphor in the way you do. He has a way to find out other people -what we are afraid, or are often judged or misunderstood. He takes the audience to their world and ultimately us You can learn from them and understand yourself more. In my humble opinion, it is the peak of film production as an art. ’ Doyle is a very complicated man. “Keith Thomas (Fire fiery) Is supervised our episode. Ben Burns and Crispin Glover appear. I play a man named Doyle. Keith and I talked for one hour in the zoom. When the concept of privileges, classes, and “conceptual” is given to how the world of the story formed. We deeply dig deeper into the relationship between Doyle and all of them and how he is “between the world.” I think that affected the curiosity and observation of the character. I was very honored to be able to work with the most veteran actors and creators in business. I am very grateful for participating in the project. I’m really looking forward to seeing what other episodes look and how it feels! From October 25, his two episodes of his eight episodes series will be released every day. ”

Music is the key to Jonathan immersing in a new role. “When I get a job, I make a playlist first. The music was always a big one in my life, and I was always embarrassed about what was wrapped in Spotify at the end of the year. You will receive a higher number -music is always turned on. The script is a bible, and one of my favorite parts in the process is to talk to the creative team or director about what I understand from the script. That is. The dramatic role and comedy are like a similar process on my side. The costume sector and the hair and makeup team are said, but these final elements are the characters in me. He is useful for landing. Body. Collaboration is not fun for me. ” “I’m excited to be between the world. It’s diversity that feels most worthwhile in my current job. I’m starting to shoot next week with a completely different job I talked about. As long as each job is different from the previous time, I think it will be a happy camper car. “He may never know what is in the corner, but he is sure he succeeds!

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Jonathan Neil Alexander looks at the Cabinet of Curiocli. Photo provision: Provision: Project for PR.

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