Jane Birkin’s gentleman style — it’s not my age

Photo of Jane Birkin by Dominique Issermann for APC

I met Jane Birkin once. Twelve years later, these words still make me smile. This is her Vogue Fashion Night Out and we chatted with her for 15 minutes and she didn’t call security.Birkin is incredibly friendly and she mostly campaigns on social issues We talked about her work as a representative and her life in France. One of her highlights of this encounter was when she reached under the table and pulled out her actual Birkin bag. Things like Birkin belongings, large scarves and men’s cardigans abounded, and iconic bags were casually embellished with stickers, worry beads, ribbons and key rings.

The British actor and singer (and honorary Parisian) French label APC In the range of everyday wardrobe basics. A coat inspired by menswear, cargo pants, a cashmere sweater and a perfect white T-shirt. These are Birkin’s favorite functional clothes. Aside from Serge Gainsbourg-era dresses, Birkin tends to live in trousers, slouchy knits, and tailoreds. Thing.

gentleman style

Birkin’s approach isn’t as casual as you might think. APC founder Jean Touitou said, “Of course she finds everything she needs from Paris and many other brands, but nothing is perfect. This jersey is too floppy and This coat doesn’t have the right proportions and these sneakers look ugly.” Great but uncomfortable. She’s tirelessly searching for “her T-shirts with loose necks, washable cashmere sweaters, and slightly oversized men’s coats she can snuggle up with.” this collaboration APC feels like it’s back to its roots,” he adds. I’ll admit that on the surface it doesn’t look anything special, but in Jane’s own words, I like to wear clothes for years, so I’d rather keep my eyes open, except for good basic materials that age. Because there is nothing to look out for.

it’s not a birkin bag

Birkin is 75 years old and looks very healthy. She had a mild stroke last year. Of course, “Creative Lens Filters” can help.At least, I hope that’s all…Birkin’s long-standing fascination with her lies in her laid-back, less-is-more image and authenticity. APC Collection Some of the stealth-style favorites are on the pricey side, and the signature straw basket is a nice touch, but we’re pretty sure the original from the 1960s didn’t cost nearly £300… anyway. I like the pared-down, gentle-woman aesthetic. He recalls buying APC pants when the label first arrived in England. They were very similar to schoolboy trousers and I really liked them. Chic coordination with lace-up shoes and cotton shirt. Of course, simple clothes designed to last are more widely available today.

Inspired by Jane Birkin’s gentlemanly style:

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