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It’s perfectly fine to have multiple style personalities

One of the biggest things I see and hear from women who seem to have “lost” their style is that they think they should only have one style and wear that one style every day. Like most fashion rules, I call them BS. It’s perfectly fine to have multiple style personalities. In fact, we encourage you to explore multiple style personalities. That way, you’re more likely to keep “playing” with fashion and less likely to feel stuck in a rut.

Before publishing the video below, I called on others to share their style quirks and personalities. It was refreshing to see so many people answer “some”.

Who said you had to find your style personality and stick with it forever? If we’re lucky, our lives are long and varied, with different “seasons”. I’m different than I was in my 20s and 30s. I have the same parts, but there are more parts that are different.

When we wear clothes to show the world who we are, our style personalities are always changing, and they change as we change. There are always other factors at play when it comes to style personality.

Your work/play lifestyle is a big deal. I look so different than when I was in the early trenches of parenting. I definitely dress for me, I’m more confident, I have more time to myself, Time to keep working on who she wants to be!

Your mood, how you feel, is everything when it comes to your style personality and what you wear. We might adopt a minimalist style because it feels calmer and removes the fatigue of decision-making that overwhelms us on a daily basis.

Dressing for the occasion or event should always be a consideration, but you don’t have to deviate from your style personality. please give me.

Two key takeaways from this chat (and things to look out for after the wardrobe decluttering I always talk about!) are:

  1. It’s OK to have multiple styles
  2. If you want to play and change a style personality you know you have, no problem

my style personality

Monday through Friday, I’m all about minimalist dressinga style that relies heavily on foundation quality basicsHelps reduce decision-making fatigue before a busy week. Pick and hang your outfits on Sunday, and you’ll be ready to take back your shoes and accessories.

Outside of work, I am highly committed to my work inner bohemian queen – I still happily blame Nina Proudman for her style personality.

And for the night or just, I’m all about glitz, glam, sequins.

Here are some recent appearances of these three style personalities.

Style personality: minimalist

minimalist: spell shirt | | outland denim jeans | | FRANKiE4 Footwear tidal flat

Style Personality: Bohemian

Boho: bote dress | | FRANKiE4 Footwear slide

Personality of style: glamor, glitz, sequins

Glamour, Glamour, Sequins: Styling You The Label Tops and Shorts

style personality work

Below are some questions I pose to you in my book. unlock style. **come in UYS Save $10 at checkout. Now it costs $5 plus shipping. **

If you’re a little lost in your style, use it as a starting point for your thoughts. For games, share your answers in the comments.

Remember, be kind to yourself. It doesn’t matter if your style is a work in progress. It just makes the process more enjoyable.

How would you describe your style to your friends?

Name five things you like about your current style.

Name five things you would like to change about your current style.

Do you know that you are better than you were 10 years ago?

Does what you wear reflect who you are now?

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