It changed my life: traveling abroad

It changed my life: traveling abroad. We have just returned from a 4 week foreign adventure, our longest vacation in over 20 years. We have stayed in Edinburgh, London, Paris and made several detours into the countryside. When asked how the trip was, he says it was wonderful, exhausting and life changing.

The great parts and the tiring parts are evident in most vacations. But how did his four weeks abroad change my life?

  • I took a hard lesson in detachingLetting go of it multiplies the prayer of tranquility a hundredfold. Travel offers these learning opportunities at every turn.
  • You don’t need a lot. Only a few get the job done and bring joy. What I did and didn’t miss: I didn’t forget to choose from a library of paper books, a crowded dressing room, my husband’s French her horn lessons, or her 10 different diets her Coke. I missed baseball. Apparently Europe doesn’t care about American baseball. I miss my best friend and my big computer monitor/real keyboard. Yes, I’m a spoiled kid, missed that big honkin screen.
My handsome man outside Edinburgh Castle.
  • Wear as much as you like. no one notices NOBODY does not notice. I wore the same woolen dress (grey, merino, Athleta via PoshMark, resemble) 8 days in a row in Scotland, then a wash and 2 more days. Really, no smell – and I’m a picky pretty woman. I changed the underlayer depending on the temperature, but trust me, no one noticed. One loose cotton tent dress (resemble) in London for three consecutive days. (Purchased at H&M, sadly surprised by the London heat and unprepared.This will be my H&M for him this year!) Packing/unpacking stage.On your next trip, you might bring two dresses, five washable underwear, and the most comfortable underwear in the world. sneakers.
This is the 10th dress, working hard. This was Edinburgh’s AirBnB Street.
  • ask for helpPeople want to help you. We were treated with kindness everywhere, even in Paris, where the locals have a stereotypically aloof reputation. every day A native Parisian answered a tripping French question in English to remind me that I am American. But community and human kindness are real and important wherever you go.
  • Be grateful for your health. During the trip, we both caught a cold, so the days when we were feeling good were treasured. I am grateful to have recovered from just a slight hangover in the form of a stuffy nose.
I caught a cold here, but still enjoyed Tower Bridge in London.
  • bring immodiumThat’s all I have to say on this topic.
  • You don’t have to weigh yourself every day. Could not access the scale. My weight changed about 1 lb from the start date of the trip to the end. Why bother daily with numbers that never bring true happiness? Once a week is enough for me. Many have given up weight completely.
  • Accept the changes that evolve around youTravel means something different: every dinner, a fresh face, an unfamiliar accent, new music, strange sleep patterns. I would like to bring this lesson back to my familiar environment. I don’t want to be in a rut, try new ways to dress or eat, or have a picnic on the beach across the street.
Oh my favorite shot from this trip. Paris, we will return.

Have you had an experience recently that you can say has changed your life? We look forward to hearing from you.

great stay, xo

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