Is it legal to auction a traffic violator’s vehicle?

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In a video that has gone viral on Twitter, both men and women mourn as their cars are auctioned off for cheap due to traffic violations. About 134 traffic offender vehicles seized by the Lagos State Task Force were auctioned at a very low price at the Task Force Yard in Ikeja on Thursday. showed a video of a man crying when his was auctioned off for under £400,000.

As pointed out by cablebidders flooded the venue to register, inspect and bid on a variety of vehicles, including minibuses and cars, in an auction of “confiscated and abandoned vehicles.”

According to VanguardChief of Police, Alone Jegeroesaid the vehicle had been seized by a state task force for disregarding traffic rules and regulations, especially for driving against the flow of traffic. It was confiscated for auction.

Some people reacted to the auction, calling it harsh, despicable, wicked and evil. , says that you should be ready to stand up for whatever punishment is given.

let’s see what the law says. To lazy people Traffic guidance or driving in a prohibited direction Road traffic laws make them risk 1-3 years Imprisonment (depending on first or second offense) and confiscation of vehicle to state.

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Disobedient traffic control personnel pay N20,000 – N30,000 (Depending on whether it is a first or second offense), the vehicle is in danger of being seized.

Motorcyclists who do not have a rider’s permit, drive against traffic, curb, median or road setback will be paid N20,000 – N30,000 (Depending on whether it is a first or second offense), the motorcycle is in danger of being seized.

The law is clear and so far the punishment is commensurate with the crime. However, there are many things to consider when talking about obeying traffic rules in Lagos. Many motorists have complained about insufficient signage in certain areas of Lagos and poor signage to indicate turning in the wrong or right direction.

For example, in Ikeja, drivers complain of insufficient signage to indicate in what order to turn or not. The same is true for a part of no-mind. In marinas and markets on Lagos Island, many complain that one-way streets are unsigned, leaving drivers unsure that they are following the correct route.

Many road signs are also unclear, faded and broken. Before the government punishes those who have done something wrong, it is important to make sure everything is in place for them to do the right thing. The case is another matter. If the public doesn’t realize it, it’s a whole different ball game. that The location is not a one way street or U-turn.

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Another thing people are complaining about is lastoma Authorities tell them to take a certain route or park in a certain spot, turn around and accuse them of ignoring traffic rules, arrest them and demand that they pay a fine. To do. Some of his LASTMA officers see you about to take a wrong turn instead of giving a signal. This is their unique way of making money by extorting and accusing road users of criminality.

People also accuse LASTMA officials of immediately arresting drivers when their cars break down on the road rather than helping them. When did car crashes become a crime? If the driver refuses to pay, they will be accused of ignoring traffic rules and their car will be impounded.

Such issues should be considered. You can’t keep arresting, seizing, and auctioning cars when your officials are running out of control and ripping off drivers. Or when government officials are even the biggest traffic offenders. Soldiers, police officers and political elites commit traffic violations and disregard for traffic rules with complete disregard for other road users. Are their cars being auctioned? Or does this rule only apply to the “common man”?

This is not a call for Lagosian to get unruly while driving. I see it every day in Lagos. Too much speed on bumpy roads, bus drivers drive without brakes and endanger the lives of passengers. The average danfo driver doesn’t care about traffic rules.

If you can’t find it backing up in the wrong place, you’re climbing the sidewalk. People also refuse to show when they turn. In Lagos, everyone seems to be in a hurry and many drivers don’t care about traffic rules.

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They don’t even wait for pedestrians to cross the road at designated spots. “Are you a zebra?” If you fit this category, stop. Ignoring traffic rules endangers the lives of other road users. Reckless driving kills or injures many people.

Yes, there are issues that need to be addressed, but you still need to ask yourself if an act such as a car auction is simply not harsh. Are the laws that support these actions justified? Do they really solve the problem or are they just power flexes?


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