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Ireland-Malta chicken-and-egg situation puts an end to Polo Ground debate

An article about the future King Charles III when he was presented with a trophy by the Princess Royal at the Malta Polo Club, circa 1969, probably sparked more than three years of debate after reaching a crucial point in a period that had just ended. I ended it carelessly. Irish polo season.

The Malta Polo Club’s 100th anniversary tournament program features the then-Prince of Wales lining up for St. Anton.

Published online in The Times of Malta on 15 September., the first conclusion drawn was that Maltese polo certainly pre-dated Irish polo. As we all know, the All Ireland Polo Club was founded in 1873 while Malta claimed 1868. But there were flies in the ointment. You may not realize it, but anyone who has spent time at or beside the polo ground will be hooked almost immediately. one is Irish green green grass and the other is sand.

Dust rises from under the hooves of polo ponies and riders during a match at the Malta Polo Club

There is a chicken and egg situation there. The Malta Polo Club at the Marsa Sports Ground could claim to be the oldest polo stadium in Europe, but it is more properly the oldest sandbox and the AIPC is rightfully called the oldest polo club in Europe where the sport is played. can occupy a position. Traditional grass surface.

The green lawn of the polo field of the All Ireland Polo Club

The Times of Malta article was effectively sent as a deliberate means to end the debate. The All Ireland Polo Club in the city of Dublin’s award-winning Phoenix Park prepares to celebrate its 200th anniversary.

Comparing which club, Maltese or Irish, is older, the chicken or the egg, each a winner in its own way.

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Image credits: Times of Malta, Kim Murahay

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