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Introducing lightweight, compressive leggings built to withstand any workout

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Choosing which leggings to wear often just depends on the occasion. Flexible leggings may be suitable for yoga or pilates.Nowadays, most activewear brands have separate lines based on the type of activity, and the differences between brands are fairly subtle. (For me, OUTDOOR VOICE WARM UP LEGGINGS Reserved for HIIT type workouts, Girlfriend Collective Float This collection is my favorite for Pilates. ) However, he is unlikely to find one pair of leggings that fits seamlessly into every workout. match point tights From sustainable activewear brands DK Active.

DK Active Matchpoint Tights$119.95

I hope you literally feel and wear these leggings When It’s lightweight, something I’ve never really encountered before with other brands. Ethically crafted from 100% recycled nylon with a smooth touch, it’s cool to the touch throughout. When pulled up (very high-waisted, by the way), 4-way stretch technology Said to provide muscle support – basically means that the contouring fabric stretches evenly horizontally and vertically across the muscles. help blood circulationIn addition, the excellent breathability of the texture allows sweat and moisture generated to escape immediately.

I took out these leggings (they were true to size) — and I put them all on DK Active It is set to match a medium support bra called. set fire to crops (fits true to size) 100% organic cotton sideswipe tee (fits like a size up) — A cardio tennis match double whammy workout in 85-degree heat followed immediately by a low-impact indoor barre class. The leggings, which I wore like a second skin the whole time, were compressible and kept everything tucked in without uncomfortably squeezing my gut.

Not surprisingly – it doesn’t matter how sweat-wicking the material is – these pieces had to be washed afterwards. is. To dry, simply drape it on a bar or rack and it’s ready to use again the next day. There are options available for everyone and all types of bodies. Rigorously tested and tried in batches.

I haven’t tested the brand’s other pieces, but they also offer shorts, sweats and outerwear maternity When curve/plus Size—I think the rest of the lineup is just as thoughtfully designed as leggings and bras. DK Active Matchpoint Tights It’s one of those styles you want to incorporate into your workouts.


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