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Instagram automatic spam block [Updated 2022 Guide]

One of the many anti-spam Instagram features, Instagram Auto Spam Block was recently introduced in 2021. This automatic feature is programmed to detect certain actions by Instagram users that may appear as spam. Unfortunately, many were late on the note and didn’t realize that this new feature could block accounts for real users.

Can’t even access your account and post a photo, let alone comment? Many users have found the answer in the Reddit community and tried to fix the block. If you’ve landed on this corner of the internet, chances are you’ve been a victim yourself.

By now you’re probably wondering – is this permanent? Is all the effort you put into maintaining a successful account in vain? That’s exactly what we are here to help you is to be The article below will help you understand what Instagram’s automatic spam blocking is, how to unblock it, and why you were blocked. Let’s start with the basics. What is Insta’s automatic spam blocking?

What is Instagram’s automatic spam blocking?

Instagram’s automatic spam blocking is an algorithm designed to detect automated actions by bot or fake accounts. To reduce overall spam in the app, developers have created a system to temporarily or permanently block user accounts. This means that for a limited time (sometimes indefinitely), Instagram users may be restricted from following her other Instagram accounts, liking and commenting on her photos, posting, and sending DMs. means

The issue may have been recognized by an in-app popup message such as:

Your changes could not be saved due to automatic spam blocking. If this is a mistake, we apologize for the inconvenience. ”

Or another alternative:

“You went too fast and it looks like you were abusing this feature. You have been temporarily blocked from using it. We are restricting certain content and actions to protect our community. We made a mistake. If you think so, please let us know.”

If you receive this, you can reach out to Instagram so that we can resolve your issue immediately. However, if you’re using Instagram automation, or if a bot account receives this message, it’s possible that the message will be ignored and automated spamming will continue. This instantly flags the Instagram algorithm and can permanently block your account. It is imperative that you act on time and do something when you receive this message. See the dedicated section below on how to remove Instagram’s automatic spam blocking.

We discussed spam blocking in the spam comments on our Instagram article. This article has provided steps to better protect your account from spam comments. So how does this relate to automatic spam blocking?

If you’ve recently commented on your Instagram account, but you can’t find your comment under your post, it’s possible that your comment has been hidden by this semi-automatic Instagram blocking feature. Why semi-automatic? I wanted to manually block people who use it because it requires them to enter specific keywords.

Let’s say you recently received a lot of spam in the comments section. I’m sick and annoyed by it, and I’ve used certain words and phrases that come up often, such as ‘offer’ or ‘click on a link’, slurs like ‘**uk’, or even annoying emojis. decided to block. If you accidentally use any of them in your comment, your comment will be automatically blocked and will not appear below your post.

Or, if you commented a lot in a short period of time, Instagram probably detected your activity, deemed it suspicious, and temporarily blocked you from commenting. This often happens when trying to promote something in the comments section or tag people in the comments when participating in daily giveaways.

What should I do then? How long will it take before I can comment again? The following section describes different types of autoblocks and how to fix them.

Why can Instagram automatically block you?

Many Instagram users find themselves accidentally blocked by Instagram every day. This is the downside of Instagram’s automatic spam blocking. There are many reasons why someone might be blocked. Usually this is because Instagram has registered your behavior as spam or spam-like and has decided to temporarily block your Instagram account.

Blocks by Instagram’s algorithm often come without advance warning and no reason given. Instagram has two types of action blocks.

temporary action block

Temporary action blocks last only a short time. The cause is over using certain Instagram features and violating the app’s terms of service. You can wait 24 hours to 30 days before you can access your account again.

permanent action block

This is easy. Your account has been banned or has been permanently restricted from certain activities indefinitely. This often happens after the account has had previous violations and received a temporary action block.

So why did Instagram block you? Here are the most common reasons for being blocked on Instagram:

  • Instagram suspects you have created an automated account. If you’re automating Instagram actions, the app will identify you as a bot, spider, scraper, or another type of spam account and block it.
  • If you recently logged on from a different IP address, Instagram may suspect this behavior and think it’s someone trying to hijack your Instagram profile. Always verify your identity by SMS or email.
  • If many people submit reports or complaints your way, you may be blocked by the app. may be considered and reported.
  • Are you starting too many direct messages in a short period of time? Instagram may think you’re a spammer and block you as a result.
  • Posting explicit content is another reason to block profiles. Instagram will block you if it contains sexual content, nudity, or violence (and that includes showing off your nipples in an incredibly edgy professional photo shoot).
  • If you re-share someone else’s art and don’t include the source or post the same photo as another user without crediting it, it may be blocked for copyright infringement.
  • Too many hashtags in the comments section are considered spam and may be blocked by Instagram.
  • Excessively spamming your posts also doesn’t look good under Instagram’s radar. It may seem like you’re trying to build a feed that smells fishy under your nose on Instagram too quickly.
  • If you only log in once or twice a day and Instagram is performing hundreds of actions, Instagram will flag it as suspicious and block it.

Most of the above reasons only occur when you actually start a legitimate spam account. Of course, there are some exceptions, and new accounts unfamiliar with how Instagram works can be accidentally blocked. If you’re one of those people, you’re probably wondering what to do next?

How to unblock automatic spam block on Instagram?

If you receive the message: ”Try again later: To protect our community, we are restricting certain activities. If you think we made a mistake, please let us know.

What now?

This is Instagram’s way of checking if you are a bot. The bot doesn’t notice the message and tries to continue spamming. On the other hand, real users will notice it.

Instagram’s algorithm can make mistakes, so if you think the app blocked you by mistake, you can send them a direct message to let them know they made a mistake.

If you want to get rid of spam blocks as quickly as possible, there are other things you can try.

  • Try deleting the Instagram app and installing the latest version.
  • Clear the Instagram app cache from your phone’s settings.
  • Take a break – Consider not using the app for 24-72 hours until the block clears.
  • Update your phone to the latest iOS or another system update.
  • If you have a link in your profile, please remove it, log out and log back in.
  • Please check your phone or email to prove you are not a robot.
  • Link your Facebook profile to your Instagram profile.
  • Enable two-factor identification.
  • Please change your password.
  • Note that if you are using automation or bots, this could be the reason why you were blocked.
  • Stop using prohibited Instagram hashtags.
  • Switch from a business profile to a personal profile and vice versa.
  • Worst case scenario, just reboot the phone.

The main thing to remember is not to give Instagram AI a reason to believe you are a bot. Use the application for that purpose. If you’re not sure if you accidentally spammed someone, check out Instagram’s spam article, which explains what spam is.

How to protect my Instagram account from spam?

One of the most frequently asked questions is how do you protect your Instagram account from spam? Keeping spammers vigilant on all social media apps is a long and arduous task. Manually checking and blocking each comment and follower individually can waste a lot of time, especially if you have a large number of followers.

I tried spam guard?Spam Guard is a third-party app that acts as your personal Instagram paladin, protecting you from unwanted comments and spam posts! Check it out for yourself. Enter your username and start your free analysis! Spam Guard is one of the few tools we trust and vouch for, and it’s easy to use.

However, if you don’t want to use this app, you can also say goodbye to spam comments and offensive DMs by switching to a private account. Besides stopping you from receiving spam comments and DMs this way, please note that using a private account will prevent other users from viewing your posts, profile, stories and reels. It may not be the best choice for people making money on Instagram, but it has proven to be very safe!

Before leaving…

I hope you found this article useful. We’d also be happy to answer some frequently asked questions. Now you know how to unblock Instagram’s automatic spam block and how to stop comments and direct messages you don’t like.

Need more spam-related advice? Check out our article on how to remove fake followers on Instagram to learn some valuable tips and tricks!

If you know someone who could benefit from this article, please share it with them, link the article to your story, or bookmark it for later use! I look forward to what I can do.

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