I haven’t spent any money this month.this is what i learned

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This post was written by contributor Chelsea Becker

I chalk it up to a year of pandemic-induced overbuying, but as we enter 2022, I realize I have more *stuff* than ever before. It comes from a “minimalist” who preaches to buy. It used to be, but boredom from loneliness and having something like Amazon Prime at my fingertips has given me shopping habits that are out of control. Did I need a brush? No, did I really need three plaid jackets when I barely left the house? Definitely not, but I had them.

So here’s what I did: I devoted his January to making sure he didn’t spend a dime. I have to be clear: I don’t spend a dime on anything other than essentials like groceries. Also check your bank statements to see what lingering expenses you could cut, like Sirius XM because you drive so little, inconsistent CBD subscriptions, pet insurance for dogs we didn’t even realize we had Did. and so on.

And when it comes to spending, I’ve never made a single purchase on Amazon other than tampons (a must!). is!

Aside from the obvious more money in your pocket, here are some other benefits I’ve noticed over the last 20 days:

1. Feel more environmentally friendlyThink you’re doing your part to help the environment by doing basic things like using everything reusable to make bags from straws and driving your car when you can. I’m not here to shame anyone, but sit back and have Amazon packages delivered to your home almost every day And when I thought about the packaging (environmental return costs not included!), it pissed me off.

2. Helped me break my spending habitsFor the first two weeks of the month, I found myself literally “adding to cart” things I liked on Instagram. That’s what I’ve been doing all my life as an adult with a decent income. Did you also like what you were adding to your cart? Not always. did you really need it? Absolutely not. With this practice, I realized how bad Autopilot’s spending habits had become, and it was like a big (welcome) slap in the face.

In the future, we plan to screenshot the items we need. If you still need the item after two weeks, buy it. But I’ve already tested this out this month, so it’s possible my lust for the item has passed.

3. Less return stressAnyone else stressed out by the whole return process?! processPile up what you don’t actually want to store, print or set up a return code, prepare the package for return, go to UPS, FedEx, the Post Office, or all three. spend time on My working day to do so. The pile of returns made me uneasy every time I walked into the laundry room (where I keep my returns), and it was a huge relief that the pile hadn’t existed since January 1st.

As the years go by, I’m sure I’ll have to remember the rule I set for myself to take screenshots of items before I buy them, but for now, I feel this practice is great. Go back to the archives and read Geri’s article asking “Does it evoke joy?” I used to be a girl who followed those rules.

Has anyone else found themselves spending money on autopilot? What helped cut it down?

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