how to wear yellow

Yes, we know the drill – you stop wearing black when there are brighter colors.

The thought of wearing yellow may not be a big deal, but other people cringe when the color comes to mind. It’s a flashy color, but when done right it can grab attention and grab attention.

So we took it upon ourselves and put it on our heads like Owanbe Gel to give us a little insight into how to wear yellow fashionably.

How to wear yellow

If you’re looking to step into the world of yellow, here are some tips to consider…

  • please do not Dress in yellow from head to toe and march. You’re not a banana, you’re not a taxi, you’re definitely not a birdie.
  • You are please do not You must wear a yellow outfit, but you can dab yellow on your accessories. For example, choose a yellow tote/bag, or yellow shoes to match your outfit.
  • Yellow goes well with stripes, so conduct Wear a yellow jacket over a striped top.
  • please do not Too sticky. Stick to the primary colors and let the yellow hue pop like a big fat bubble!
  • please do not Choose a yellow that blends in with your skin tone. The trick is to choose a color that stands out without being too flashy.

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If you want to wear yellow all over, see our style tips below.

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If you don’t want to wear yellow throughout, here are some pictures of colors to wear with yellow.