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How To Wear A Maxi Denim Skirt – A Well Styled Life®

Happy Monday, ladies. Our weather turned cool and almost stormy over the weekend. There’s no weather like fall that makes you think about cleaning your closet. Today, we’ve rounded up his thoughts on Maxi Denim’s skirt coordination of the week and what makes him happy.

I think most of us have too many clothes in our wardrobes. really happy and more difficult. We’re not talking about the outfits we’re comfortable with or even like. I’m talking about clothes that light us up in us. Things that really make us happy.

The older I get, the less I want to feel mediocre about my outfits. The base of my wardrobe consists of classic items.If we’re not careful, we rely too much on them and neglect to add unique pieces to spice things up. treasure, But they are few these days.

I’m ready to donate three huge bags of clothes and shoes, but I don’t think I’m done yet. For the most part, they’re special pieces that add a spark to my outfit.

don’t go there

Every fall, we look forward to emails and articles suggesting that your wardrobe must-have MVP should be a Moto jacket in black, faux or genuine leather. They are ubiquitous and available at all price points.

faux leather moto jacket

I like how they look on others, but I’ve never owned one and don’t expect to own one. It’s one of those classics, but we know these lists should be personalized to fit your own style recipe.

I never included a black leather moto jacket for the following reasons.

  • they are often stiff
  • Usually glossy…improves the textured look of my complexion
  • Has a tough vibe that I don’t want

Other moto jackets

I love to have a cool vibe in my outfits, but unless I’m overloaded with snaps and zippers, I have to settle for a faux or real suede moto jacket.

Outfit of the week

This week’s OOTW are soft blacks (velvet brushing softens blacks), plums, and some fun textures.

Velvet Denim Jacket with Plum Henry and Maxi Denim Pencil Skirt
velvet jacket / maxi denim skirt / J. Crew Henry / life stride booties / woven faux leather bag / Resin V cut earrings / soft plum refillable lipstick

I had a velvet denim style jacket a few years back and wore it a lot. I want to quickly find it in my closet.this maxi denim pencil skirt It’s a classic that I just ordered. this woven bag Very soft, reminiscent of very expensive bottega veneta bag It is very popular these days.I wanted my lipsticks to be a little darker as the temperatures are getting colder and I was curious to try this rose company brand It’s clean, vegan, moisturizing, and refillable.

Have you started looking for unearthed treasures in your wardrobe for years?

see my look

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