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How to style a performance white shirt

Happy Tuesday, ladies. A classic white shirt isn’t a must in every woman’s wardrobe, but it’s always been a favorite of mine, and it’s one of my default looks she wears confidently for most occasions. is. With over 50 style edits per month, Cindy We’re sharing ideas on how to rock a white shirt.We decided to dig into how to style a performance white shirt.

Jennifer Connolly in style in an oversized poplin poplin performance shirt in Athleta WhiteIf you’ve ever wondered what to wear with a performance white shirt, the answer is anything. The oversized ones can double as a swimsuit cover-up in the summer and a light jacket in the fall.

I prefer white shirts unironed because they move well and look neat. This month, we’re experimenting with a white shirt in a performance fabric that blends form and function. Designed to keep the wearer comfortable, perform better and look better than other fabrics.Athleta is well known for his performance fabrics, whose style is exclusive to athletics. not.

Woman wearing athleta sojourn top with blue jeans and white sneakers Classic shapes are nice, but white shirts with unique details are a constant addition to my wardrobe.i came across this white pleated back top After spending quite a bit of time on Altheta, I finally decided to give it a try. Wow do you like it!

Over 50 blogger Jennifer Connolly in front of a fountain in a white shirt and blue jeans by Acerta Sojourn
White Sojourn Top XS / straight jeans 29 / low-top platform sneakers

This shirt is very statement, very comfortable and perfect for travel.It is made from a breathable fabric that is also water repellent with a UPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 50! It’s a little big, so I’m going to size down to XS, and it looks like I can wear it in S. Also available in teal or black. I ordered the teal, but it didn’t have the flashiness of this white, so I returned it immediately.

woman in white shirt and sunglasses

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It goes great with slim jeans, pants and leggings. The back covers everything (assets), but the front is not that long…depends on your height, choose accordingly. I like the sporty half zip, and the firm fabric makes the collar stand up beautifully.i wear it Banana Republic straight-leg jeans Now 40% off, My Favorite Paul Green Platform Sneakers Beyond comfort.

Jennifer Connolly wears an oversized white poplin shirt and Eileen Fisher pants with Birdie leopard shoes
Oversized poplin shirt XS / Eileen Fisher small crepe pants / Birdie Starling Flat / FRENCH CANDE NECKLACE similar here

While I was doing so I decided to try this oversized poplin shirtIt also offers UPF 50+ sun protection, high-performance fabrics that are breathable and water-repellent, and recycled polyester sourced from used plastic bottles. This is oversized, so I ordered an XS, but I probably could have worn a S as well.

Jennifer Connolly lives life in style in a white shirt and black faux leather pants
oversized poplin shirt XS/ Maeve Faux Leather Crops 28 / Dean Davidson mini ipanema earrings C/O AND linear bracelet 25% off with C/O code JENNIFER25 / OLD COLE HAAN SUNGLASSES similar here

This shirt has become a veritable chameleon in my wardrobe and can be styled in many different ways. Maeve faux leather crop. I am really glad I got these pants because they are very comfortable. My boots are old Eileen Fisher. looks like here.

Jennifer Connolly in a white shirt from Athleta

Added new smaller size for Dean Davidsons mini ipanema earrings When linear braceletUse code JENNIFER25 and get 25% off his entire website.

My collection of white shirts is pretty big, but there’s always room for something unique. Oxyclean helps keep whites clean, but honestly, nothing works as well. Mrs. Stuart’s Brewing. Remember to dilute before using. If you don’t, your shirt will turn blue… ask how you know 🙂

Jennifer Connolly Styling Athleta Performance White Shirt
oversized poplin shirt XS/ Maeve Faux Leather Crops 28 / Dean Davidson mini ipanema earrings C/O AND linear bracelet 25% off with C/O code JENNIFER25 / OLD COLE HAAN SUNGLASSES similar here

more unique white shirts

Are white shirts part of your wardrobe?

let’s go to checkout Cindy Hattersley designshe always looks great in a white shirt.

see my look

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