How to style a hoodie sweatshirt

Gabi Myers | Last Updated: 19 Sep 2022 | Five read minimum

Fall means cozy, and cozy means pullover hoodies. It’s just math!

After moving to Chicago from the Bay Area this summer, I can attest that men across the country grab a hoodie for even a hint of a breezy cool day.

How to style a hoodie

But there is a difference between a hoodie outfit worn in the dark for a breakfast sandwich and a thoughtfully put together, casual and stylish hoodie outfit.

To definitely fall into the latter camp, make sure you know how to style a hoodie.

First? You have to start with a quality hoodie sweatshirt.

We all have our personal favorite hoodies that we feel nostalgic for from the heyday of high school sports, but it’s helpful to have elevated options without sacrificing comfort.

Enter Flint & Tinder 10 Year Pulloveronly available in Hackberry.

Comfortable with clean lines, a structured fit, and raglan sleeves that allow for a full range of motion, whether you’re tossing a pigskin or reaching for a book on the top shelf of the library. A good hoodie.

Not only is it unthinkably flat for a kangaroo pocket, but it’s also born in America.

The cotton comes from the Mississippi Delta, the fleece from South Carolina, the twill reinforcement tape (which helps keep everything in place) comes from Philadelphia (like me!), and it all comes together in Los Angeles.

Plus, this Bad Boy comes in six solid (in both senses of the word) color options, so there’s sure to be a color to match your wardrobe.

And once you’ve found the perfect shade and worn it until the seams rip, it’s repaired with a 10-year warranty.

Not convinced?

Check out how to style a hoodie for each day of the week.

How to style a hoodie with a puffer vest

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We all know sweatshirts are the king of the athleisure wardrobe, so let’s put this one to the test!

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With cords, mock boots, and a puffer vest, this sweatshirt makes the perfect layers for one of those leisurely fall hikes that ends up at the city’s hot new brewery.

aka a perfect autumn day.

Did you happen to be foraging for mushrooms somewhere on the trail? The Kangaroo Pocket keeps it safe until you get home.

How to style a hoodie casually

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Blending in with the crowd is a bit inconvenient, but have you ever thought about blending in with the autumn leaves?

Let the rotating leaves inspire your fit color palette and romanticize your next errand run.

How to style a hoodie with jeans

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Wearing selvedge jeans can be a daunting task. Whether you have spent a lot of time or just started, please feel comfortable somewhere in your body.

Let the plaid of a super-soft flannel shirt peek out from under the collar of this cozy pullover for a laid-back yet neat fall look.

How to wear a jumpsuit for men

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Have you hopped on the jumpsuit train yet? I’m personally a big fan of the ease of use of coveralls and love the way you can play with creative layering.

If you choose an oversized fit with a jumpsuit, you can wear a slim-fitting hoodie underneath on cooler days and unbutton the front for a little game of peekaboo.

Alternatively, the jumpsuit can be worn with the sleeves tied at the waist and the bottoms cuffed up for a more relaxed, just-worn look.

how to wear a hoodie over sweatpants

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A look that will take you on a lazy fall weekend.

Let your hoodie serve its purpose as a top layer for lounging around, drinking coffee, and grabbing a newspaper if you really want to show off.