How to pack lightly this summer

Summer 2022 is finally here and it’s time to travel to different places (preferably beaches)! Packing: definitely the worst part about where to go. Well, I have a lot to say about packing. P.Acknowledgment is an art and you can master it too. Why should I care about light packaging? More space to bring home souvenirs (known as gifts to yourself), lighter weight to carry yourself, no extra cost, and endless possibilities to get creative, especially with your styling .

The point is to make the costume before the trip, not during the trip.If you can get clothes that you can mix and match in terms of style and color, you can create more outfits with fewer items. I mean. So are the shoes: Pack shoes Easy to match with most outfits. Even if you want to bring one pair of shoes for every occasion, stick to a maximum of three. The chances of sub-zero temperatures in a tropical country are very low, the same as the chances of you being able to wear a nice tank top in Siberia during the winter. . Given two options, pack items that serve two or more purposes and take up neither weight nor space. Pack versatile layers that you can wear and take off as the weather and temperature change.

Timeless and effortless black

pop of color

joy of accessories

safe choice

What do you think of packing lights?