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How to make a capsule wardrobe

Struggling to maintain your wardrobe every weekend? Well, this is the situation most of us go through. My closet is full of countless clothes, but I feel like I have nothing to wear.

To solve this universal problem, we have devised the most practical and sustainable concept: the capsule wardrobe.

Surprisingly, the capsule wardrobe is a concept from the 1970s. This concept innovation was based on creating a sustainable and reusable wardrobe. A designer from London created this capsule. This capsule contains clothing that can be worn multiple ways using mix and match techniques.

Fast fashion is certainly attractive, but it doesn’t help in the long run. After a few months, these outfits go out of trend and these clothes are no longer available. Therefore, to maintain your wardrobe, it is better to invest in timeless and versatile clothing.

A capsule wardrobe contains clothing that can be combined with multiple types of clothing. Just learn what to add to your wardrobe and what to discard.

Scroll down to learn how to master this technique of creating a capsule wardrobe.

1. Conduct an audit of your current wardrobe.

First, you should check what you already have. Remove all clothes from the closet. Sort them out and throw away the clothes you haven’t even bothered to look at for the last six months. This problem is not unique to you. Most people keep these unwanted clothes in hopes of wearing them one day. This attitude will never help you create a capsule wardrobe. So just put them out.

2. Plan your capsule wardrobe:

The next thing to keep in mind, and most importantly, is to decide what kind of wardrobe you need. It could be based on your work preferences, style, personal brand choices, and many other options.

3. Choose a base color:

All people are a little prone to certain colors. Therefore, when creating a capsule wardrobe, you should choose a basic color. This base color is the foundation of your wardrobe. It helps you easily select your outfits and mix and match them for that matter.

4. Know your signature style:

When you head to the next step, you should have already decided on your base color. The next step is to create your own style. For the sake of understanding, signature style means a particular way of dressing that helps you easily distinguish yourself from others. This particular way of dressing will make you stand out in the crowd.There are no hard and fast rules for creating your own style. It’s more comfortable. Choosing a styling method is a completely personal matter. No one has the right to judge how you dress. Moreover, fashion is all about experimentation.

5. Add Neutral Basic Essentials.

You must be a lover of pops of color, but adding neutrals to your wardrobe can help create contrasting outfits. For example, neutral essentials are clothes that never go out of style. black pants, beige pants, blank t-shirt Or a white button shirt, gray shorts, etc. These clothes can be easily combined with any type of clothes in your wardrobe.

6. Get seasonal changes.

To maintain your style and fashion, you should invest in clothing that resonates with the theme of each season. For example, you can think of summer as being filled with bright, refreshing colors, and winter and fall should have pastels in your closet. .

7. Remix wardrobe items.

As mentioned earlier, you only need a limited amount of clothes in your capsule wardrobe. A maximum of 15 to 20 costumes can be created. These clothes include jackets, jeans, pants, tops, t-shirts, shirts, pullovers, shoes and accessories. To keep our wardrobe sustainable, we need to make good use of the technology of remixing clothes and remixing limited apparel. Once you learn this art, you won’t need a lot of clothes in your closet for different events every time.

8. Capsule Wardrobe Maintenance:

Building a capsule wardrobe is not enough. After doing all this hellish work, you have to stick to the plan. Maintaining your capsule wardrobe is the most important and final step. Capsules may need to be changed from time to time due to personal, professional and seasonal changes. However, the basic idea of ‚Äč‚Äčincreasing fashion with limited clothing must be adhered to. You should continue to organize your wardrobe each month and re-evaluate your own style. Learning to maintain your wardrobe is a never-ending process.

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