How to if you want to upgrade your wardrobe

How to upgrade your wardrobe if neededI go through chapters in my wardrobe—you? I feel like I’m in and out of phases, and I think it’s perfectly healthy. Buy a lot, play with them and have fun, then recycle them to a recycler. It is suitable for experimentation and is environmentally friendly.

There is nothing wrong with this approach. I especially enjoyed my trip to NYC (I’ll be back soon!). I could also use a pretty strict one-time policy to keep my closet from getting too full.

Style information (blog, Instagram, Pinterest) is readily available, so I’m not sure what motivates me to upgrade. At the moment, I feel like I want a higher quality, less bulky wardrobe.Favourite styles: curated wardrobe, lean wardrobe, quality over quantity discussion.I’m rereading his books and blog posts. .

Here are some of the ideas flying around in my head on how to upgrade my current closet. I reserve the right to change my mind! But I enjoy this paradigm now. Here are the changes I’d like to make over time:

  • Better shoes and bags – I prefer to recycle and consign these items. very good The quality of my shoes and bags and some personality.
Love this classic glossy leather bag By Tignanello.
  • Better accessories – scarves, bracelets, earrings. I want to wear a delicate gold necklace every day. I just got my earlobes pierced again for the first time in 40 years, so I’m also stunned by the craftsmen’s earrings.
Silver and stone in this vintage bracelet Upgrade my sweater and jeans.
  • Tops in fine knits and silk blends in black, navy, ivory and gray. I’ve bought a lot of “cheap” tops, but after a few washes they’ve let me down. POSCHMARK is a popular spot where you can find high-quality blouses and knitwear with little feeling of use.
Only $40 but this sweater 100% cotton, thick and soft to the touch. i have 2 colors.
  • Jeans that fit perfectly. I have fairly standard sized lowers, so this isn’t too difficult. I really want a great fitted pair to upgrade my top and blazer.
these are Levi’s High rise, not skinny but slim fit, fits me perfectly. Everyone’s body is different, Levi’s Offers a lot of styles.

I’m not judging myself or any other woman who enjoys an inexpensive and eclectic closet. It’s just clothes and should be fun, fulfilling and flattering. I’m in.

To you: Have you taken this wardrobe journey? Are you in the middle of a pendulum swing right now?

great stay, xo

Wear whatever you want, whenever you want. Here are some goodies to browse:

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