How to fix a bad haircut/color without feeling awkward – yes it can be done!

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Has anyone ever been to a hair salon and never walked out with their hair cut in half? messing up can be heartbreaking. You expect a makeover that will be expensive but flattering and confidence-boosting for your face.

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But when I saw that it looked completely different from what I was looking for, When You lost all that money – it can be a scary experience. another spend time with a hairdresser more Money to try and get back on how you want your hair to look.

super short fringe

In the past, when I was upset enough to comment that it wasn’t what I was looking for, reactions varied. I asked her not to speak. Straight Left me with my hair and a very ugly short fringe – show me all line on my forehead! ?

I was appalled and shouted, “What did you do!?”i was just asking you No Cut my fringes short.I’ve been raising it for 6 months for this style! ‘ And all she said was, ‘It’s summer, we’ll be back soon! No apology or anything – just “I’ll be right back!” They lost my business and I took my money elsewhere. The result of losing and losing!


And in my small village it was always a challenge to find a hairdresser who could cut two sides to the same length. Actually, I gave up and made it a trendy asymmetrical bob! smile!it just so Much less stressful than asking for an equal side and not getting them. I was very nervous before going for a haircut. It was not! oh oh oh!

So after finding a better hair salon, we asked a leading city-based cut and color expert When What advice can my local consumer service officer give me? This silly topic.and what they Very smart and practical!

What to do if you don’t like your hairstyle or color

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1. Don’t get angry

keep calm! It’s not easy, but teeth best policy. If you talk to your stylist in a normal, rational voice, they’re less likely to act defensive. I really didn’t ask for this to be light/dark/short etc.”

2. Repeat that you agreed to pay

This opens up space for repeating what you did actually ask In a rational way that stylists are hard to deny. Be specific and point out the difference between what you asked for and the final result. Be gentle and ask how the color or cut can be modified to bring back the original color. agreed pay the priceIf you have limited time or cannot add color chemicals immediately, ask for a definite appointment to return for a cut or color “fix”.

3. Use clever phrases to avoid emotional reactions

Using words like ‘fix’ is clever and ‘you ruined my hair! – like I did ? Take a deep breath and speak tactfully you what you get you I want to be awkward. So at the very least, you should leave the salon with no embarrassing scenes, complaints accepted, and a plan agreed to make things right. And by keeping things low-key, both you and your stylist can avoid being completely upset that time and the rest of the day.

How to complain to a beauty salon after a few days

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We know that many of us are unable to complain. crimeBut you can call the salon later and rationally explain that you’re not happy with your style. If it’s chunky, please be specific. Or the sides aren’t equal – haha!

1. keep calm

Take a calm approach and you’ll find that stylists are caring, they want things right and they want happy clients to stay in business there. There is no salon that Moga says don’t go there.

2. Elaborate

It’s best to contact the salon within 7 days of booking, as there is an unspoken rule that they will revise within 7 days at no additional charge. And when you go in for a fix, be sure to capture more images of what you wanted. Provide as much detail and information as possible, such as the level of contrast in

3. Stay confident

Me now The key to getting what you paid for is to be quietly confident when you say, “That’s really not what I wanted.” Please be specific as to how they differ. Also, use phrases that avoid direct criticism to keep the conversation going. Cooperative A level, not a showdown.

How to avoid hairdresser mistakes in the first place

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1. Be clear about what you want

First and foremost, we need to clearly describe what we want and if possible use an image that shows the stylist exactly what you want. For major changes, arrange a private consultation appointment where you can discuss everything without rushing. This is so much better than trying to explain to a rushed stylist while you’re sitting with wet hair that doesn’t look like dry.

2. Take photos and color swatches

No one can read minds and we all see and describe colors and haircuts very differently. Ask them to advise you on what works best for your face shape and natural tone. It’s much easier.

3. Be realistic and listen to advice

Be realistic about what you can achieve with your face shape, hair type, and natural color as well. For thin hair, hairstyles designed for thick hair will not look like the “pictures” you brought. Listen to the advice provided by your colorist to avoid over-lightening your hair in one session. Also, keep in mind that some hairstyles require you to be adept at styling them at home. , see what our stylists suggest.

Remember you are the client. Speak confidently and diplomatically. No salon wants an unsatisfied client to tell a friend not to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if the salon doesn’t cooperate with fixing the haircut/color or insists on paying for a bad hairstyle?

Contact your local city office and discuss the issue with the Consumer Rights Department. They can speak to the salon on your behalf and request a refund of your money. No salon wants a visit from a local consumer rights officer.

2. If it was a salon Can not Fix what they did?

I once went to a high-end salon looking for a quality perm. What I actually got was square curl. No matter what I did, the “curl” reverted to its original square shape.

I went back to the salon to complain, but the only solution was to cut my hair to get rid of the deformed hair. There is also But make sure you get your money back for your original mistake and get a corrective haircut for free.

3. How can I stop having a colorist cut my hair and keep my colorist?

This is easily resolved. Colorists obviously have a knack for hair coloring, so continue to consult with colorists and find better stylists to do your haircut. Many colorists know they are not the best cutters in the world. In order to reduce the burden on each other, we asked another salon’s precision cut specialist to cut it, Previous You go to a hair coloring appointment. She may be relieved that she doesn’t have to do your cut.

Professional colorists won’t be offended that your style has already been cut by someone else. They understand that it’s a matter of personal preference. Anyway, most colorists say cutting is not their favorite part of the job. Choose a specialist for each part of professional hair care. It’s perfectly normal and number Expect an explanation!

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What’s the worst hairstyle mistake you’ve made? Did you complain and get it corrected?Or have you found a new hair salon without saying a word? Share your hair salon experience with us – we Love I hear all about you!