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The only thing better than going out on Valentine’s Day? Stay! Staying not only means avoiding the crowds on Valentine’s Day 2021 (especially during COVID-19), but it’s also an opportunity to make an evening with your loved one even more romantic and special! Maybe you’re getting dressed for a small Galentine gathering with friends and don’t know what to wear. Or maybe you just want to dress up to show yourself some extra love this year.

Here are some Cupid-worthy tips for styling your at-home V-Day date night outfit beautifully and simply.

Dress up for Valentine’s Day 2021!

Aside from celebrating love and my loved ones, one of my favorite parts about celebrating Valentine’s Day is the excuse to dress up. Even without it, you can and should treat this like a special date night. Do your hair and makeup. Brush off any heels that haven’t been out of the closet for over a year.

Research shows that how you dress can affect your mood and psychology. Wearing sexy and romantic clothes on Valentine’s Day will make your brain feel sexier and more romantic, even if you’re sitting in the kitchen. So throw in something that makes you feel good! Remember, loving others starts with loving yourself…and clothes can definitely have a positive impact on your confidence and mindset!

Still not convinced?Find out why fashion is self-care requirement here.

Here are our favorite Valentine’s Day 2021 ‘dress up’ trend looks.

  • race
  • pink and red
  • neutral heel
  • small wallet


Race, race, race.we love racing allWhether it’s a little black dress with lace trim, a long sleeve lace dress or even a lace lined jacket, we’re obsessed with this delicate and feminine pattern. Even her crop top is totally trendy with both divine goddess and ’70s hippie vibes. Do you have?)

High-end racing can feel a little out of reach, right? Not a current boutique!we Race Affair Collection It’s filled with our current lace finds that you can’t grab anywhere else. When All for a fraction of the original retail price. At the time of this writing, Alice & Olivia’s white lace sheath is currently selling his dress down from its $465 retail price to $156.99 on the site! Get a beautiful lace look.

pink and red

it’s not surprising pink and red Valentine’s day trend. What’s interesting, though, is the emphasis this year on softer, more muted colors like pastel pinks and boho reds. When purchasing a new lace dress from the Lace Affair collection, look for more muted colors. For those who prefer brighter colors or want to wear their favorite hot red dress, pair it with a bright colored cardigan (such as white, beige, or pale pink) for a more subdued overall look. I personally love the bright red dress and pastel pink cardigan look. It’s bold yet feminine, perfect mix for Valentine’s Day!

If you’re looking for an always on-trend lace dress, choose white lace for a flattering silhouette.

neutral heel

My life changed the day I realized I could wear heels if I wanted to. There are no rules in fashion! If you love dressing up for your partner or for yourself, you don’t have to forget your heels just because you’re at home.

We’re happy to see the return of the neutral and nude heel look in 2021. Nude colored heels are so easy to match. You can also wear nude heels with a nude dress. If you don’t have nude heels, now is the time to add. this essential necessity in your closet.

Pro tip: Swipe the backs of your heels with baby wipes to remove traceable dirt around the house.

small wallet

Small wallets are especially trending in early 2021. These little purses will give you an early 20’s vibe. I used my wallet to carry lip gloss, hair scrunchies, and a flip phone (cell phones didn’t work). take a picture). Love this cute and dainty look, especially for the holidays of love!

Complete the look this Valentine’s Day by placing a small bag under your arm or on the table beside you. Remind yourself that you love your wallet by moving it around a bit (out of the closet and into the kitchen), even if it’s empty.

What is included in the “small wallet” clutch bag and wallet bag Also my favorite baguette. Current Boutique is running out of baguettes.Discover our small and romantic collection Baguette hereAlso remember to keep checking back as we are constantly updating our inventory!

Or dress up…

One of the perks of not going out on Valentine’s Day is that you don’t have to feel pressured to dress up everything if you don’t want to. You may want to have a more relaxed and intimate evening this year, and that’s cool too!

Get ready to stay home for Valentine’s Day 2021.

  • cashmere
  • black leggings
  • stacked jewelry
  • confidence


Cashmere is a baby-soft fabric that has become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. This cuddly material is charming and romantic no matter how you wear it. Although cashmere is usually thought of as a “dress up” look, many cashmere pieces are incorporated into everyday life. Telecommuting styleEven a soft cashmere sweater or jogger can make you feel cozy and comfortable while looking super sexy for your Valentine’s night bash at home.

black leggings

Black leggings are comfortable, flattering and easy to wear. Throw them under your dress, blouse, fashion blazer, or t-shirt and you’re good to go. You probably already love black leggings as much as I do, so I don’t think I need to say much else here. (Thanks for that!)

stacked jewelry

Minimalist jewelry is always trendy. Statement pieces come in and out of style, but dainty chains and studs create the same sophisticated look through the ages. “Stacked” jewelry is popular for Valentine’s Day 2021. For necklaces, this means multiple necklaces of varying lengths. For rings, that means several rings on each finger. Bracelets and bangles are also making a comeback.Check out this hipster article about How to stack jewelry like an “it girl”.

check us out selection of jewelry pieces You can find designer pieces at discounted prices and fill your jewelry box with high-end pieces without breaking your budget. this link Tell your partner so he can buy you some gorgeous jewelry as a Valentine’s Day gift…hint of a hint.)


For V-Day, you can wear your cutest go-out dress or dress down in lingerie. As long as you feel good, it doesn’t really matter. There’s nothing sexier than confidence! If you love yourself, Valentine’s Day will feel better for you and your loved ones.

what is your romantic outfit? How are you transitioning for Valentine’s Day 2021? Comment your thoughts!