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How to choose the perfect investment bag – current boutiques

Calmly carry it around… Gorgeous investment bag!

An investment bag can instantly upgrade your wardrobe and style. The quality of the bag you wear on your arm will change your style, confidence, and wallet!

What is an “investment bag”?

  • High-quality, luxury-looking bags that often come at a high price
  • Designer bags that feel value over time

These definitions are basically the same. A high-quality bag that you take care of and love is destined to be highly valued.

Every girl needs an investment bag that will make them feel powerful and sexy instantly.

So let’s start investing in fashion. Enjoy this article on how to choose the perfect investment bag!

Is this an investment bag?

How do you know if the bag you are about to buy is worth the investment?

Higher price does not necessarily mean better investment in A purse in your wardrobe. “Investment” means putting money in the hope of future returns. Whether it’s financial returns or long-term use and wear. We know that the work will increase in value over time.

What should I look for when buying in my investment bag?

  1. Timeless: You don’t want to invest in a bag that will go out of fashion next season or next year. You need something that is likely to stand the test of time. A “vintage” piece is valuable in the future because it is beautiful and usable even after he was 10, 20, or even his 50 years after it was first created.
  2. quality: A high quality bag is likely to last longer than a ‘fast fashion’ bag. They are often handmade rather than outsourced production.
  3. Individuality: I don’t want to buy a bag that I don’t buy favoriteI want to be able to match my style and actually use it in my daily life. Don’t know your style? Take a look at the bags you already own, especially the ones you use most often. Are there style patterns? Go with what you know and love, but it’s worth more!
  4. Utility: You should be able to use a good bag. You may not want used tissues or melted chocolate in your investment bag, but you still want to be able to show it off from time to time.
  5. colour: Neutral colors tend to be more practical in the long run. Some of you may know exactly which season a color is from.
  6. budget: There are different “levels” of investment based on cost. The ranges below are suggested based on how much you are willing to spend. Keep in mind that you can find incredible swag in designer handbags when buying second-hand for your favorite investment!

These are the basic ways to choose quality luxury bags for your closet.But how do you know if it’s true investmentHow do you know if you’re getting your money’s worth and can actually make money with it in the future?

To make an investment decision, you need to ask three questions:

  1. How long has the designer been producing the bag? If it has been in continuous production for at least 5 years, it will stand up to trends and prove to be a more classic piece. If this style goes away after a season or two, it probably won’t become a “classic.”
  2. Are prices trending upwards? Take your time and see the prices directly from the designer. Are bags more expensive today than they were the first year they were made? Are they worth more today than they were last year? I hope the value of the bag will rise steadily. This means that the company has received a lot of attention for its work.
  3. Do they sell well on the second-hand market? Can a woman easily resell these bags at a higher price? I would like to see if these bags are actually being sold secondhand, but I also don’t want to see these bags being sold on consignment (this is , meaning there is more supply than demand, which is not a good sign for investment). . if there is is not Perhaps the reason there are so many second-hand items is because they are easily stolen!

Below we discuss the “trinity” of investment bags and bonus investments favorite.

1. Hermès Birkin

of birkin bag One of the most popular handbags. The wallet, which was born as a mother’s shopping bag, has taken the world by storm. Since their creation in 1984, there have been some changes in style and shape, but these wallets remain as timeless and elegant as they were then.from High quality From leather to metallic hardware to fine stitching, Birkin bags are the ultimate in sophistication and timeless design.

Birkin bags have a cost. Retail prices range from $9,000 to $150,000, most expensive bag in the world A Himalayan Crocodile Birkin with white gold details and 245 diamonds sold for $300,168.

People don’t spend this kind of money just to get a cute bag to carry around. They spend money because they find real value in materials. In fact, Hermès and Chanel bags have outperformed the US stock and gold markets over the past decade.

Cost isn’t the only appeal of this bag. Getting a Hermès Birkin bag requires a relationship with the brand. Rumor has it that to get a Hermès, you have to spend a certain amount of money in the store and develop a long-standing relationship with a Hermès salesperson.

Hermes kelly bag is a close second in high-end investment purchases. Made famous by Grace Kelly, this saddle his bag is small compared to the look and feel of a Birkin, but it’s been around since 1930. Each year new designs and styles emerge, making him one of the most popular “timeless and trendy” pieces on the market.

(I’m not saying you need a Birkin bag, I’m just showing you what a little quality, branding and investment can do!)

2. Chanel Classic

“The best things in life are free, the second best things are very expensive.” – Coco Chanel

Chanel is one of the world’s most timeless designers. Owning any kind of Chanel will instantly upgrade your closet, Chanel Classic/Timeless his handbags are the most popular pieces. The Classic’s basic look remains consistent, often seen in black lambskin or calfskin with gold or silver-tone hardware.

Yet Chanel makes these bags in different prints and colors each season. Like this season, we’ll see plenty of spring printed tweeds!Avid Chanel his fans can look at a classic and know exactly which year and season it’s from. This “seasonal awareness” means you can even indulge in seasonally trending colors in your investment bag and still get your money’s worth for years to come.

Tips: Chanel Caviar is considered the most classic and durable style of the year. Chanel only produces a set number each year, so caviar can be difficult to come by. You may have to join the waiting list to get your hands on the quilted Chanel caviar.

another investment?buy chanel clothesNot only are they high quality and fit beautifully, they are one of the few brands in the world. clothing It grows in value (never depreciates) with age and gentle use.

3. Louis Vuitton Speedy

Completing the holy trinity of investment bags is Hermès and Chanel colleague Louis Vuitton. This bag is a classic go-to bag because it’s classy yet casual enough for everyday use. In addition, it can be easily changed from a handbag to a shoulder bag.

louis vuitton speedy bag They’re easier to find second-hand than Hermès or Chanel, but they’re still rarer. When they are resold, they fly off shelves quickly. At the time of writing, Current Boutique sells one of his Speedy for about $525 and another for about $685. theft under consideration It usually costs over $2,000.

Like the Birkin, LV fans can tell you which season or year each Speedy is from. The different colors, patterns and variations change with trends and remain timeless. This is great because you can get an investment bag that fits your personal style while resting in the knowledge that a trendy look will continue to add value, or a statement LV pattern without the risk of going out of style. A classic with his Speedy.

(We recommend avoiding monogrammed options, as they will be very difficult to resell. Most consignment shops and resellers will not accept monogrammed handbags.)

4. Celine Classic

Celine is a new designer just hitting the market, but it’s quickly proving to be a timeless classic. celine classic From structured shoulder bags, Celine bags are timeless and gorgeous.

What I love most about Celine is the feminine touch. From fine leather to sophisticated hardware, it’s effortlessly simple to stand the test of time. The level of elegance Celine exudes makes him one of our favorite investment types. With more and more women yearning to carry Celine in their arms, I think the value of these bags will continue to be appreciated.

“Never forget that what was timeless was once truly new.” – Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton

any bag

That is correct! Any The bag can be an investment bag. We have listed some of the classic bags that have been known to increase investment costs over the years. But let me tell you a little secret…

Most designer bags are worth it. Luxury never goes out of style. If you take good care of your bag, you can always resell it.

Make sure your bag meets the following requirements:

  • timeless, not trendy
  • quality, not cheap
  • take care and do not mishandle

Do you have an investment bag that you treasure?

If nothing immediately comes to mind, Do not have Investment bag! I think it’s time to wear something gorgeous and beautiful…and one that instantly upgrades your wardrobe values!

check out our designer bags here To find the perfect investment bag that fits your style and budget!

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