How stylist Dunsin Wright brings a new side to Nigeria’s breakout star

Four years ago, the world was officially introduced to Thames, a singer-songwriter with a soulful and mesmerizing voice. When a clip of “Essence” featuring Wizkid lit up our screens, the whole world went wild with her talent and unique looks! So much for the perfect photo on the cover of Sunday Times Style.

So what constitutes Tems’ sense of style, despite her mesmerizing gaze at these signature suns? fashion bomb daily As we dug deeper into her fashion evolution over the past few years, we found that things had changed.

Photo: Jerusa Nyakundi + IG/reproduction

No superstar’s wardrobe is complete without the guidance and consultation of a great stylist.From tomboy to glam girl, Thames has worked closely with her dancin’ lightis also the head of PR for African luxury brands Lisa FolahuilloTogether they curated a laid-back, effortless and edgy visual representation of the vocal powerhouse that speaks to her love in a more uplifting and feminine way while being casual and comfortable. Once drawn to oversized silhouettes, layered pieces, and muted tones, today she consistently surprises us with a few aesthetic tweaks.

1. Lace and shear

You ask, we answer!Instagram users just this week @nnennabenz “Hello! Where did Thames get this wonderful bodysuit??”

Tems recently performed at the Global Citizen concert in Ghana wearing a custom lace jumpsuit. BrielleThis is just one example of how she often incorporates sheer textiles into her current closet.

2. more colors

If saturated blues just aren’t enough to get Tems’ newfound love of color on the radar, try this rich green overlay. As the Tems continued to evolve, I noticed that the colors were gradually getting brighter and more frequent.

Photo: Roderick Ejuetami

3. Embrace her feminine side

She may not be one to put up with all skin at once, but Thames expresses femininity in her own way. We’ve seen her wearing dresses from and sometimes sporting a more form-fitting silhouette to show off her gorgeous curves! did.

Photo: Fabiola Fisa

We are seeing more and more Afrobeat artists using fashion as a way to create an identity, a statement and a topic. What do you think?

Featured Image: IG/Reprinted

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