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How (and Where) to Resell Your Handbag: A Step-by-Step Guide

We’re a quarter of a century past the original Fendi Baguette heyday, and the fashion trend cycle now churns faster than ever, but the “It” bag, as a concept, is still as ubiquitous as ever. What’s changed most of all is not the style, nor even the brands, but rather how we’re buying — and, for the purposes of this story, selling — the bags themselves.

Today, there are far more ways to manage your handbag collection than there were even five years ago, with the most significant changes to the marketplace taking place on either side of the financial transaction. To acquire an “It” bag once necessitated a pilgrimage to the closest flagship store. And what if you wanted to get rid of it? That experience was even more rigid, landing you at the whims of a consignment boutique or Ebay.

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