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“House of the Dragons” Season 1, Episode 6: Where Are They Now?

Finally, the long-awaited time jump has arrived. After five episodes with Millie Alcock and Emily Carey ushering in as young Laenira and Aricent respectively, the torch has officially been passed to Emma Darcy and Olivia Cooke, leading us to the dance of the dragons and the story of this civil war. Take to the next level. Ten years have passed, and Episode 6 spends most of its running time catching up with viewers on what happened in the last decade. Honestly, aside from a few births (both human and dragon) and a few escalating rivalries, it doesn’t seem like much has changed in King’s Landing. Assuming Kaga is curious about what’s going on with the monarchs these days, it seems fitting to catch up on the tabloid classic House of Targaryen: Where Are. they now?


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When we last saw Rhaenyra, she agreed to follow her father’s wishes and marry Laenor Velaryon, and seemed to have finally grown out of her teenage obstinacy. Not gone, and ten years later, Rhaenyra is still grumpy, but perhaps her resolve is a little more firm. Each boy bears no resemblance to their husbands, but shares the curly brown hair of Harwin Strong, Commander of the City Watch. She even asked Jacaerys attention and questioned her mother about it, proving that he may have inherited her brain and her lack of tact.

Rainilla has a good relationship with her father despite the fact that the rift with Aricent has clearly widened over the years. The two are now seated at a table, which they seem to only use to verbally punch each other. It doesn’t help that the once-submissive Aricent has come into her own during her time as Queen, and Raenira does something very out of character, giving her friend-turned-stepmother a sort of olive branch. Offering it shuts down, injuring Rhaenyra and fleeing to Dragonstone to seek refuge.


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The biggest change in personality definitely comes from Aricent. The seed of her confidence was planted in episode 5 when she showed defiant allegiance to Rhaenrya’s choice of wedding party dress. In her decade of ours, King’s Landing seems to have outdone her, and she’s finally becoming the villain she was promised. Her kind nature has become more ostensible than her actual temperament, and her intentions to elevate Aegon to the Iron Throne are more apparent than ever. Her husband’s deadbeat allows her to act almost unchecked.

And while Aegon may not care about being king (he’s too preoccupied with more physical exertion), she wants people who can help her reach her goals. Sel Christon survived his suicide attempt thanks to Aricent, but is now driven both by his debts to her and by his resentment of Laenira, which is still strong ten years after the rejected proposal. seems to have been… But her perhaps more useful friend is Larys Strong. Larys Strong proves how far they will go for Alicent. Of course, Larys’ intentions are clear, and you can clearly see the lapel hand pin at the end of the tunnel. But given that we’re hoping for a little more Littlefinger in this prequel with his style of slyness, I think he’s a welcome addition. His actions elicit a bit of real emotion in Aricent, who first sees every episode, but the further they go with her plans, the less her awkward sympathies seem to hold her back. increase.

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The King is probably the least changed in the ten years since we last met. Yes, he has less hair and more pockmarks, but other than that, he’s the incompetent king we’ve come to know in the first five episodes. Completely oblivious and probably unwilling to admit that everything is going wrong in his family. Ten years later, he still wants to be left alone to struggle with his building blocks (Incidentally, he doesn’t seem to have grown or changed anyway since we last saw him. Seriously, what was this guy doing??).


Photo by Ollie Upton/HBO

Damon is an interesting character. Because not only does he look like he’s grown and matured over the past decade, he looks exactly the same. Yes, he had a wife who could put a little in his place, a must for a man like Damon, and he at least became a loving father. Another daughter claims she was ignored by him, for unknown reasons. He also continues to evade problems by hiding rather than facing Westeros head-on. Questionable for a man his age, but fair enough – there’s a lot of strange history out there. Ten years have passed and Damon is proving to be as selfish as he always has been. By then, the option is literally toasted to a crisp.

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