Hotel U14 This newly opened hotel in the popular Helsinki district is next to the Market Square and the Presidential Palace. Hotel U14 was opened in March this year by the same owners as another beautiful hotel, F6, also in Helsinki.

Corner room

Hotel U14 is a family run hotel and part of the prestigious Marriott Sign collection of hotels. Hotel U14 It offers contemporary design with chic interiors and a cozy atmosphere. The hotel has 117 rooms, meeting rooms, a gym, a sauna, a stylish yet relaxed restaurant and a cocktail bar serving specially crafted cocktails. This is also a pet-friendly hotel, so if you have furry friends, bring them to U14.

I had the privilege of staying in a beautiful “Corner room” A spacious 33 m2 room with a king-size bed and sitting area. You can enjoy a calm sea view from the corner window. Corner rooms also have a premium bathroom with both a shower and a bathtub. Free WiFi is available in all hotel rooms. Each room has a flat screen Smart TV with multiple channels and the ability to sign in to accounts such as Netflix, HBO and more.

I loved the cute little hippos strategically placed in the bedroom, the hotel slippers with pictures of dogs and flamingos sewn onto the slippers and bath towels. The wallpaper in the bedroom was very funky and gave me a good mood.

Hotel U14 is part of Marriott’s signature collection, but each detail of the hotel was thoroughly researched and sourced by local designers and producers. Everything from the eggs and bacon served at breakfast in the morning to the bed was chosen with the same mindset. Only the best quality for hotel visitors.

I must mention that the hotel room beds were made in heaven.Made in Finland sleep corner And they are everything I ever wanted in bed form. ?

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Janne Ant-Wuorinen, a master of Helsinki hospitality, as General Manager of the hotel, creating a new gem in the hospitality scene here. Hotel U14 is his very important project that he saw through from start to finish. We continue to work through the difficult times that the hospitality industry has encountered this year with enthusiasm.

One of the cutest details I noticed in the hotel, which Janne took the time to explain to me, is the ‘U14 man’. These are pictures of the faces of all the hotel’s employees to some of the hotel’s visitors, and they can all be easily seen on welcome cards, hotel coffees, and teacups to hotel elevators. This is the idea that brought them the autograph collection, the idea that we are all human, but we each have our own unique personalities.

Last but not least, the important detail that makes Hotel U14 stand out is the incredibly alluring lobby watch. It sits on the wall right next to the reception and has a very peculiar mechanical way of showing the time.

Importantly, you can enjoy all-day dining in the hotel’s restaurant version, but stay tuned for more on that in the next blog post. ?

*This post is a collaboration with Hotel U14. All opinions are my own.

*All photos are by Natali K. Photographer.

*Thanks to Janne Ant-Wuorinen for making this collaboration possible.