Healthy Ready-to-eat Snacks for a Go-Go-Go Day

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Could the French culture of long, leisurely lunches fit into ours here in America? I doubt it. We’re mostly more face to face with the type of people you can find. Sure, food prep is a household word now, and there are endless healthy eating trends, but when most of us get stressed and push when we’re busy, it’s all out the window. falls to

I try to always have cut fruits and vegetables on hand. It’s not as tasty or nutritious as washing and cutting produce just before eating it, but the only way to actually eat it on an empty stomach is to prepare it and have it ready to eat (otherwise, Stacy’s pita chips 100% say my name). In addition to that, keep snacks on hand that offer health benefits such as: fiberprotein and/or healthy fats are key to maintaining energy and satiety.

Sure, anything in a shelf-stable bag won’t be as good for you as farm-fresh, but there’s a time and place for both.

If you’re in a pinch and need a quick and easy snack, consider reaching for one of the following.

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