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Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! 14 Latino plus-size pioneers are here!

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! I wanted to start this wonderful month by highlighting the Latino people who have inspired us and the countless Latino women who have grown up. has paved the way for so many people by shattering beauty standards and following their dreams. We had to shine a light on some of the pioneers of the plus-size game who have laid the foundation for plus-size fashion as we know it today…

Seeing people like you doing things you thought you couldn’t do is truly inspiring and life-changing. Without these bellezas, many of us wouldn’t be where we are today!

It shows how powerful representation can be and how we must continue to drive diversity in the fashion industry!

Here are 14 Latinas Plus size pioneers you should know!

1. Grisel Paula

Plus Size Latina Pioneer You Should Know: Grisel Angela

The model-turned-CEO belleza hails from San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic. In 2008, shortly after she signed with her modeling agency, she won her six-page spread in Ebony magazine.

In 2015, she became the face of apparel brand Maggie London. She founded her brand Her Rebdolls in 2014 and offers fashionable and trendy sizes from S to her 5X.

2. Denise Bido

The plus-size pioneer you need to know: Denise Bidot

Denise Bidot smashed so many modelos con curves today. The stunning Puerto Rican half made history in 2014 when she became the first plus-size model to walk not one but multiple runways during her week at New York Fashion.

She remains one of the most recognizable faces in plus size fashion. Not only that, she recently dropped an Oil of Olay commercial too! Talk about expressions!

3. Virgie Tovar

The plus-size pioneer you need to know: Virgie Tovar

Virgie is a writer and fat activist. Her knowledge and her expertise have made her one of the nation’s leading experts and lecturers on weight-based discrimination and body image.

In 2018, she was named one of Bitch Magazine’s 50 Most Influential Feminists. She is outspoken about the harm of food culture and has written multiple books on the subject.

4. Mercy Guevara

Latina Plus Size Pioneers You Should Know - Mercy Guevara Pete

Mercy Guevara has played many roles including producer, host, celebrity fashion stylist, business owner and influencer. She co-runs her The Plus Bus, a second-hand clothing store in Los Angeles.

Mercy entered the plus-size fashion scene in 2010 when she began hosting plus-size fashion videos online. With her background in broadcast journalism, Mercy is a natural, and she’s been a mainstay of the plus-size fashion scene ever since.

5. Anastasia Garcia

Latina plus size trailblazers you should know - Anastasia Garcia

Anastasia Garcia is a photographer and body positive activist. She uses her skills as a photographer to challenge the fatphobia found in fashion.

Anastasia’s photos have been published in magazines such as Elle, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. Recently, she started viral her hashtag. #MyQuarentineBodyas a way to combat harmful memes about weight gain during the pandemic.

6. Ronalitz Baez

Latina Plus Size Pioneer - Lornalitz Baez

Lorna Baez is the OG of plus-size fashion. La hermosa Latina has graced many runways, including Baby Phat, DaDa and Lady Enyce.

In 2012, Lorna starred in the reality documentary series, Curvy Girls. The show ran for two seasons, centering on the lives of popular plus women in the fashion industry.

7. Fulvia Lacerda

Latina Plus Size Pioneer: Fluvia Lacerda

Fluvia is arguably one of the most famous plus-size models. Brazilian models have walked runways, graced magazine covers, and shot advertising campaigns for plus-size brands like Torrid. “Plus Size Gisele B√ľndchen”

8. Jay Miranda

Latina Plus Size Pioneer: Jay Miranda

Jay Miranda has made his mark on the plus size fashion scene as a plus size blogger and has proven to be a mainstay in the plus size fashion world.

This Latina features an elegant and feminine style that proves moms have great style!

9. Christina Mendes

Latina Plus Size Pioneer: Christina Mendes

The daughter of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, Christina Mendez has appeared in Glamour, Latina, Cosmopolitan, Essence, and more.

She was one of the first plus size Latina models to serve as featured models for apparel line brands such as Baby Phat, Apple Bottoms, Ashley Stewart, Rocawear and Dereon.

In 2016, Mendez was named “Model of the Year” at Full Figured Fashion Week.

10. Ashley Nell Tipton

Latina Plus Size Pioneer - Ashley Nell Tipton
Plus Size Bodysuits at AshleyNellTipton.com

Ashley Nell Tipton is a fashion designer who delivers bold and playful designs for her plus-size client base.

In 2012, she appeared at Full Figured Fashion Week in New York.From there, Tipton continued her competition When won 14th season of project runway.

She was a busy bee! From patterns to plus size jewelry to her own collection with JCPenney, Ashley has built. In November 2017, the apparel line was renewed!

11. Rosy Market

Plus model Rosie Mercado

Rosie Mercado is an American plus-size model, celebrity makeup artist, fashion designer, and television personality.Mexican inspiration in 2019 people in spanish As one of the top 25 strongest Latinas! Talk about goals!

You can keep up with Rosie’s podcast. girl with self esteem issuesand keep an eye on her in the future Bookboth coming this fall!

12. Jennifer Barrett Leyva

Latina Plus Size Pioneer: Jennifer Barrett Leyva

Jennifer Barrett Leyva is more than a plus size model. She is also an accomplished lawyer, author and activist.

Leiva is the first Latina to participate in Miss Universe Plus Size.

The Venezuelan pioneer is also editor-in-chief of Belleza XL. XL beauty This was the first plus-size magazine dedicated solely to plus-size Latinas.

13. Madeline Figueroa Jones

Latina Plus Size Pioneer: Maddie Jones

Madeline is a talented producer, public speaker and editor-in-chief of PLUS Model Magazine. A true trailblazer, Madeline has helped countless Mujeres Con Curvas pursue her dream of working in the fashion industry by giving positive women a platform to shine.

She also continues to create countless occasions and events to celebrate a more complete form.

PLUS Model Magazine is a publication that celebrates the plus size fashion and modeling industry. PMM has been in operation since 2006 and continues to be a respected media source in the plus-size world.

14. Nikki Gomez

Latina Plus Size Pioneer- Nikki Gomez

Nikki Gomez began her plus-size fashion career in 2004 as a print model.

In addition to modeling, Nikki discovered a passion for photography and used her knowledge of the plus-size fashion industry and her camera skills to make others shine.

In 2011, Nikki starred in TLC’s show Big Sexy, a reality show about the lives of plus-size models. Currently, she works as a consultant for both models and agencies.

About lasting effects

These Latina plus-size pioneers on this list are all diverse and inspiring in their own way, and plus-size fashion cannot be imagined without them. It just added to what we know and how we experience plus-size fashion and the community that supports it.

There is now a new wave of Latino influencers and models. Taylor DeCastro Model and TikTok star Dennis Mercedes is at the forefront of plus-size fashion.

This is a beautiful thing to express, so we hope the plus-size fashion industry will continue to expand.

Our fellow Latinas know. Latinas are strong and powerful. <3

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