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Hair Transformation + Recovery – Nicolette Mason

Thanks to Pantene for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

my hair is no stranger Selection subject Transform. Since my early teens, I have changed my hairstyle drastically. Some are just to shake things up and experiment with your style, while others symbolize and reflect major moments of personal change and growth (and let’s be honest, a serious goodbye! ) It all started with a tween adventure in “Sun In” and getting my first salon color when I was 13. many, many variations of manic panic at home — all before I left LA for college in New York. My hair was relatively strong and bouncy, but I really pushed it to its limits.

I love playing with different hairstyles, cuts and colors, but it’s no secret that bleaching and heat styling can have a huge impact on the health of your hair. Especially when you’re in your 20s. From dark black, purple and navy blue ombre hair, red In a sitting single color correction (yes it took a whole day and yes my hair had to be bleached multiple times in one session). I went blonde and through the period of double processing (bleaching + coloring) my hair was damaged so badly that the whole clump of hair broke off. Please check ). To combat that damage, I got glued-on hair extensions. Not only does my hair look shinier and healthier, it’s growing at a normal pace.

But now that my hair is healthy, I feel like I’m finally at a place where I can ‘start over’ with a gentler, more measured approach! I only wash my hair two to three times a week and try to keep heat styling to a minimum.

My at-home hair care routine has recently taken a new turn Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection — A deep conditioning treatment you can do at home that gives you the same results as a $60 salon treatment. Targets extreme damage (think split ends and breakage, excessive dryness from heat styling and coloring) for visibly healthy hair from root to tip.pairing Miracle Rescue Intense Rescue Shot and ampoule Pantene Miracle Rescue Deep Conditioning Treatment My hair is noticeably shinier, bouncy and growing faster (which is truly amazing considering my hair, which was platinum blonde, was growing at an Ice Age pace!). On styling days, add a special protectant to freshly washed hair. Pantene Miracle Rescue 10-in-1 Multitasking Leave-in Sprayit provides thermal, color and UV protection while repairing, detangling and moisturizing hair.

Looking back, I’m pretty sure my “favorite” hair colors and styles were the ones that rocked me in the moment, but objectively speaking, the current look is my favourite. I can tell you.. My hair is healthier, shinier, stronger, and the closest to my natural hair, so I feel the most “me.” I am so happy with my hair journey that I can continue my hair maintenance and deep treatments without having to pay so often! It’s low maintenance and a charming reality.

you can find Pantene Miracle Collection Pantene stores and online here!

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