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Hailey Bieber wide-leg cargo pants in Paris

Hailey Bieber was able to fit a lot of skincare in her cargo pocket. wore an all-black outfit centered around pretty cargo pants during an outing between shows. In addition to two boxy side pockets, it has a fitted wide-leg silhouette that is not often seen in this style.

Cargo pants have made a big comeback in the last few years, with new styles featuring bright colors and interesting design elements that move trends beyond nostalgic associations. – Like Jenner, she wears baggy low-rise cargo pants on multiple occasions.

Bieber completed the outfit for Kim Possible in Paris with a black turtleneck and oversized leather jacket with strong shoulders by Philosophie di Lorenzo Serafini. She paired it with toe pumps, a silver buckle belt, gold hoop earrings and futuristic wireframe sunglasses.

The night before this outing, Bieber wore two pink (very Barbie core) Saint Laurent looks. Bieber has close ties to the French fashion house and wore Saint Laurent to the Grammys and Met Gala earlier this year.

See photos of Bieber’s sophisticated outfit ahead, then check out other street style trends emerging this season, as seen by our fashion editors.

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