Great Friday Birthday Edition! – Ali Manno (Fedotowski)

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Great Friday Birthday Edition! – Ali Manno (Fedotowski)

Thanks everyone for coming to my very special edition Affordable Friday Birthday Post! Today I am 38 years old. I wanted to sincerely celebrate what I love most, sharing. affordable fashion!While selecting the items for this article, I noticed that the weather varies greatly depending on where you live. I wanted to have items for people in different climates on this affordable Friday. So if you live in a really warm place and just want something that looks autumnal and doesn’t sweat. Or, if you live in a colder climate, I have something for you too! So I hope you guys absolutely love this blog post! I’ve saved some of my favorite creations in .

yellow dress / boots

hurry up get this dress Before they sell out!I know I say that a lot but I mean it with as much urgency as I can right now because it’s incredible and under $20! , fell in love at first sight This mustard yellow color for autumn. I wear a size M and honestly I feel like I could have easily sized down to a size S. They don’t have a smaller one available in this color anymore so I actually went ahead and I ordered an extra small to see how it would fit to decide which one I wanted to keep and it’s very comfortable, very flattering, and a small ruffle detail on the sleeve Favorite! You will be shocked when you get this dress and see how gorgeous it is.

i am showing it to you cardigan, knee high boots When boots You can see all the different ways to wear it. If you live in a hot climate, you can wear them with boots, sneakers or sandals. But if you live somewhere that’s starting to transition into fall, you can easily throw on a cardigan and put on your boots!

pink floral / booties

this is super super super super cute affordable dresses That’s less than $25! What I love about this dress is that it’s perfect no matter what climate you live in! It has sleeves so it’s very comfortable for fall, but the material is very light so it’s perfect for warmer climates, but it’s also perfect for cooler areas. It’s pretty warm though.

I also went ahead and went down one size this dressI wear a S and I usually wear a M. Definitely size down! In fact, I feel like I was able to size down too! The top is very stretchy around the ribs and bust, so you really feel you can’t go wrong size down with this.So don’t be afraid to go down a size or two. I don’t know why, but it can be nerve-wracking to go down a size when someone recommends it.

green floral dress / booties

another Super Cute Dresses Under $20Well, the price on this affordable friday post is very good. Again, you can wear this no matter what climate you live in! Wear it on its own with cute booties in warmer weather or keep cool If it’s a place, put on a cardigan.

I got my normal size this dress, it’s a size medium and it fits great, but I honestly think I could have gone one lower.One of the prints is the most gorgeous floral “Winter White Watercolor” I couldn’t get it because the M size was sold out, but there were several other sizes such as the S size, so I think I’ll buy it because it’s honestly cute. Go to the website and see the print I’m talking about and if your size is still available definitely get it! Usually this dress comes in sizes XS to XXXL.

i haven’t talked enough these boots Still, you’ve worn them with every look you’ve ever had.Get these western boots! First, the price is unbelievable. Only $24. I highly recommend reading the reviews. That way you’ll know what other people have to say about them. Very positive! They come in this white color but also come in a cognac color if you prefer. , feels like it helps balance the rest of the leg. They are so flattering on your feet and I love them!

black dress / cardigan / knee high

My goodness, I love this outfit.turtleneckI think it always looks classic and chic. I love this dress because it looks great no matter what climate you live in. In these pictures I want to show you how to wear it as is. cardigan Moreover.wore this cardigaOne of my earlier looks, but I haven’t gotten into it in detail yet, so I just wanted to share that it’s a great basic cardigan to have this fall and winter. Well done. But you are not going to spend only $28 on it! I got the medium size but I think it’s the perfect size so definitely get the regular size on this one. there is. If white isn’t your favourite, you can also get a very pretty burnt orange, color, pink, or navy. You can layer over and over again with this cardigan.

dress like that great basics It can be styled and accessorized in so many different ways. I also got a medium in this which is my normal size, so it’s true to size. And styled with knee high boots.I talked about these boots on my last affordable Friday, so if you get them, comment below and tell me how much you love them! these bootsOnly $34. The boots he has in his closet are equivalent to those that cost him three times as much.

sweater / skull vest / jeans / sneakers

I had to throw in an affordable festive look so am sharing this as really cute skull vest Got it for just $12! I got size M which is my normal size and it definitely fits. This brand, No Boundary, is a junior line so I always get my size, even if it’s not big. If you want this to be a baggy fit, definitely go up a size or two.

I wear a white turtleneck underneath that I have had for a while and then super cute sofia vergara jeans What I wore and wrote in my last post on Friday’s Affordable. I love how wasted these jeans are. Definitely recommend sizing down! I know that going down a size in jeans is scary. I am always worried that it will not work. But I promise you’ll size down on these. And I finished the look with these $14 sneakers I wear all the time.

orange / sneakers

Last but not least, I love love love This pleated shoulder sweater It’s a sweater, so it’s perfect for transitioning to fall clothes, but since it’s short sleeves, it’s versatile enough to handle a variety of climates and transition from warm to cold.this is Only $22 Available in 5 different colors. We love this burnt orange color for fall, but if you like this look, or if you live in a warmer climate and need something festive, we also have a red color that’s perfect for the holidays. It’s actually great for holiday photos if you live in a hot area.

I also have to mention and shout sneakers Because I’m obsessed I love their 90’s vibe, very comfortable! Plus, they’re surprisingly under $20! These are so comfortable that they make really great walking shoes.

Finally I’m linking some other items I got. These sweatshirts are honestly one of my favorite sweatshirts. I love this sweatshirt so much that I own multiple colors. At Walmart, a set of two is just $25.

OK, that’s all. Last night people were trying to hack into my site and I was locked out of her for 24 hours so I’m really, really happy that it was posted today. Kicked out those hackers! Ha! Have a great Friday and a great weekend. Thank you for being here and supporting the Affordable Friday Post!

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