Going Waterle

I love their brand story – it’s the best! Waterl


I have thin oily hair. No matter what you do, it will turn into a grease ball the next day after washing. But somehow my aim is to keep the desert dry. I really want to be the girl she can go 3-4 days between laundry, but she’s not me and her IDK where to find her. Sometimes my hair doesn’t look oily, but it smells sweaty and unpleasant.

To combat this struggle, I Waterl Then spray directly on roots. Scrub with your fingers and brush the rest. What I like the most is that it doesn’t leave a white residue (yay!!) and doesn’t feel like it builds up. In my dry end, Waterless Instant Moisture Dry ConditionerIt helps restore moisture to my ends and makes my hair smell better than a regular wash.