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Get inspired!!! It’s not what you think!

Drawing inspiration is not sketching something. It means drawing out (extracting) color stories, motifs, patterns and other design elements from paintings, objects, monuments, etc. Can be used for illustration and design.

In this post, I will try to give as many examples as possible so that you can understand how you can usually draw inspiration from things that are suitable for use as design elements.

In the photo above, the first photo is the actual photo of nature that my friend clicked on. The other is a photo of my illustration. This is the first inspiration I made almost a year ago. From this photo there are many elements that I used in one of his designs. As you may have noticed, the color story definitely pulls from the photo itself. The other is the motif of the lower body.

Well, in this piece I used a bird as an inspiration to design a dress for a stewardess. Here I have only taken out the color story because stewardess dresses are from the formal category and adding motifs and other design elements would be confusing. must be So, I tried to play around with the silhouette of the apparel.

Here I used butterflies as inspiration for designing beachwear. Again, I used the Color Story as inspiration. I used a color story as requested by the design. But if you want to draw inspiration for other designs, you can also use the butterfly wing texture (the black and white one) as a design element. Or it could be your creativity and spirit that brings out something else. What you can extract from your inspiration is entirely up to you, but it should be engaging and engaging.

Well this is one of my best works so far. This is clearly a group work we did to present a collection called ‘Dastkaar’ at an event called ‘Meraki 2019’. The collection also won the “Innovative Design” award. This Hawa Mahal (a historic building in the Pink City of Jaipur, India) was our inspiration and he created 7 designs for the collection. However, my main part was only this design, so I can’t upload any other designs.But if anyone would like to see it, please let me know in the comments box where I will post it.

So it’s never too difficult to draw inspiration. You just need to do a lot of exploring to figure out which design is best suited for your particular design, as you can draw everything from a particular inspiration. did.

Please comment on how you like the weather. Also, feel free to ask what topics should be covered in the next post. It will be a great experience for me too.

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