George, puff up your pants and take the dog for a walk.

Cutting-edge London Fashion Week! Spring/Summer 2023

As the UK and the rest of the world mourn the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the fashion industry and London designers have altered their runway shows in their own ways to honor their beloved monarch. .

London FW9-22 horizontal image.jpg

Image Credits: Hari’s Inflatable Pants instagram.comImages of London, Images from unless otherwise noted.

indian menswear designer Harikrishnan Attending the London College of Fashion, he took London Fashion Week by storm by simply puffing up his menswear trousers to unprecedented heights.

London 9-22 Harri grn wht balloon pants (2) cropped.jpg

No chair needed. needle.

London 9-22 Harri Brown Red Stripe Balloon Pants (2) cropped.jpg

This college balloon pants look is aptly called “ball bottoms.” needle.

London 9-22 harri grn wht striped balloons (2) cropped.jpg

Button-down shirt coordinated with puffy striped latex pants. needle.

London 9-22 Harri Orange Pants (3) cropped.jpg

present day Popeye. pump up pants needle.

London 9-22 Harry Balloon Orange (2) cropped.jpg

Wondering how high he can jump? needle.

London 9-22 harri blk wht Image (2) cropped.jpg

You can buy this inflatable pants at: apoc store.

Look energetic Check out Harry’s YouTube video here.

London 9-22-richard-quinn-syellow Puff Ball (2) cropped.jpg

Powerpuff Princess. Richard Quinn.

London 9-22 Richard Quinn Spuffball (2) cropped.jpg

Polka dot puffball coordinated with turquoise tights. Structured, textured apparel. Richard Quinn.

London 9-22 Richard Quinn Cloak (2) cropped.jpg

Ornate flower cloak. Richard Quinn.

London 9-22 Richard Quinn Spring Black Race (2) cropped.jpg

Mourning clothes came in many forms at London Fashion Week. Richard Quinn.

London 9-22-richard-quinn- blk w hat (2) cropped.jpg

Magnificent black velvet coat adorned with tonal embroidery coordinated with chapeau Eliza Doolittle You would be thrilled to wear it. Richard Quinn.

London 9-22-chet-lo-turq (2) cropped.jpg

sky blue hooded gown Chet Low.

London 9-22 chet-lo-orange (2) cropped.jpg

designer Chet Low Best known for its spiky, sheer knitwear.

london 9-22 chet-lo-green mens (2) cropped.jpg

Kelly green like spring. Chet Low.

London 9-33 -chet-lo- red skirt (2) cropped.jpg

Sheer fabrics and cutouts are two trends gaining momentum for Spring/Summer 2023. Chet Low.

London 9-22 chet-lo-pink turq (2) cropped.jpg

Aphrodite rising from the sea may have worn this luscious iridescent gown. Chet Low.

London 9-22 chet-lo-red (2) cropped.jpg

Mesh or lace insets, strategically cut-out fabrics, and revealing lots of skin are called sensual dressing trends. But you would have figured it out by now. Chet Low.

London 9-22 emilia-wickstead-swhy gold gown (2) cropped.jpg

New Zealand fashion designer Emilia Wickstead Based in London. She keeps things understated in this long-sleeve, high-collar ball gown for her.

London 9-22 Emilia Wickstead Gown (2) cropped.jpg

Emilia WicksteadA sheer floral fishtail gown.

London 9-22 - Emilia - Wickstead - Lavender (2)

strapless lavender gown Emilia Wickstead.

London, 9-22 emilia-wickstead-blue dress (2) cropped.jpg

Emilia WicksteadA tea-length A-line dress with a feminine blue floral pattern.

London 9-22 Emilia-Wickstead-Sky Blue Race (2) cropped.jpg

Sky blue lace with peplum accents. Emilia WicksteadIt’s an essential color for the upcoming season.

London 9-22 -emilia-wickstead-blk Race (2) cropped.jpg

Black Lace Ensemble by Emilia Wickstead.

look nice Watch Emilia Wickstead’s runway show here.

London 9-22 -vivienne-westwood-mens (2) cropped.jpg

No good vivienne westwoodA day at the beach with the kids. Menswear mini crop tops and printed pants.

London 9-22 vivienne-westwood-green grandma (2) cropped.jpg

Draped sweetheart neckline mini in rich jade tone. A mega slide completes the look. vivienne westwood.

London 9-22 Vivienne Westwood Men's Shorts . (2)cropped.jpg

Bold perforated mesh shorts set. vivienne westwood.

London 9-22 -vivienne-westwood-mens taupe suit (2) cropped.jpg

Trim printed taupe suit. vivienne westwoodA signature pearl orb necklace completes the look.

London 9-22 christopher-kane- blk lace vogue (2) cropped.jpg

Christopher Kane. The fluffy mini piece lace top creates a dramatic silhouette. Note the great red heels.

London 9-22 christopher-kane- floral mini (2) mando color cropped.jpg

Short sleeves and a mandarin collar give this lush floral mini a Far Eastern flair. Christopher Kane.

London 9-22 -christopher-kane-yellow (2) cropped.jpg

Transparent layers of narcissus yellow silk create a delicate and ephemeral ensemble. Christopher Kane.

London 9-22 christopher-kane- Floral jkt (2) cropped.jpg

A fun riot of colorful florals with cute mini suits and quilts. Christopher Kane.

London 9-22 -halpern-blue gown (2) cropped.jpg

A shimmering sky blue silk cape is paired with an aqua sheath dress by talented designer Michael Halpern.

London 9-22 -halpern-leopard (2) cropped.jpg

Classic leopard print with a dramatic asymmetrical train. Halpern.

London 9-22 Halpern Long Gown (2) cropped.jpg

Bejeweled ribbons add dramatic accents to a slender animal-print gown. Halpern.

London 9-22 -halpern-sheer over sequin.jpg

Sheer frilly gown over a sequined lingerie-style bodysuit. Fun and colorful wigs are a trending fashion accessory. Halpern.

London 9-22 halpern-multi Sequin (2).jpg

show stop grammar Halpern.

London 9-22 halpern-blue w sequins (2) cropped.jpg

Velvet embroidered pant suit in shiny cerulean blue with sequins covering one pant leg. A truly unique alternative. Halpern.

London 9-22 -rosie-assoulin-syellow bustle (2) cropped.jpg

Make a fuss!A new interpretation of vintage silhouettes Rosie Aslin.

London 9-22 -rosie-assoulin-contemp bustle (2) cropped.jpg

Black and white modern hustle from New York Rosie Aslin.

London 9-22 rosie-assoulin-stablecloth set (2) cropped.jpg

Gingham reimagined by Rosie Aslin.

London 9-22 -rosie-assoulin-scorset (2) cropped.jpg

Call all milkmaids. A printed dress with a romantic corset-style underbustle. Rosie Aslin.

London 9-22-jw-anderson-silver bubble (2) cropped.jpg

It’s just a bubble dress.silver glitter JW Anderson.

London 9-22 -jw-anderson-spring-peach dress (2) cropped.jpg

peach twist frock JW Anderson.

London 9-22-jw-anderson-computer keys dress (2).jpg

The computer key makes this dress JW Anderson.

London 9-22 -jw-anderson- palm tree (2) cropped.jpg

Palm trees and boys’ shorts create a tropical mood. JW Anderson.

want to Check out the wild JW Anderson runway video. Have a look at this.

London 9-22-jw-anderson-sreflection ball dress cropped.jpg

A mirror ball dress that reflects the times JW Anderson.

London 9-22 -jw-anderson-Thank you Queen T-shirt (3) Cropped at the end.jpg

The Queen reigned longer than any other monarch in British history and became a beloved and respected figure around the world. Jonathan Anderson The perfect tribute and grand finale to London Fashion Week.