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Gel-to-ice hydrator? It’s a thing

Here’s what most of us wanted during the August heat wave. Skin Proud’s Frozenover.

This unique (and cheap!) lightweight face moisturizer can be used at room temperature as a cooling gel or frozen right out of the freezer.

What do you mean? Please let me explain.

It’s a gel-to-ice hydrator that turns into a smooth sherbet consistency after 2-3 hours in the freezer (yes, you’ll want to take out Instagram for stories). Soothes and cools skin and sensitive skin, reduces inflammation and eliminates puffiness under the eyes.

It’s not really loaded with a ton of actives, so don’t expect miracles when it comes to wrinkles, acne, or anything of that nature.Star product.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, it’s very light, so it’s especially great for summer, but I love using it in the morning regardless of the temperature. No Exhausted, I found that the coolness of this product helped wake up my face and, in turn, my mind. So I’m looking forward to mornings with an unsweetened almond milk cappuccino.

Skin Proud’s Frozenover Retail price at Walmart is $15.97100% vegan and PETA approved cruelty-free.

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