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Scandinavian countries have long fascinated us with their culture, natural beauty and unusual cuisine. That is why it often adopts from the Nordic peoples everything that is warmest, most comfortable, interesting, healthy and delicious.And the Icelandic diet is not exempt from these rules.

The basis of nutrition for the inhabitants of Scandinavian countries is to measure the size of food portions. They should be no more than a handful. Each meal should consist of his 4 handfuls of protein, carbs, 2 handfuls of vegetables and 1 tablespoon of fat. Compared to the Western diet we are accustomed to, the Icelandic diet is low in sugar and fat, with twice as much fiber, seafood and fish as his.

Icelandic meal

The fat content of dairy products should not exceed 3.5% and the sugar content should not exceed 5 g per 100 g. For chocolate lovers, opt for 70% cocoa brut and muesli with less than 13 g of sugar per 100 g.

According to nutritionists, you can lose between 450 g and 1 kg per week with such a meal plan. Given the average palm size of a woman and a man, the daily caloric intake is about 1500 kcal and her 2000 kcal respectively.

Icelandic meal

Several scientific studies have confirmed that the Icelandic diet promotes weight loss and improves health in the short term. Not only is it great for controlling blood cholesterol levels, it also fights inflammation in the body.

Another good news for all foodies. Seasoning with vegetable oil and butter is not prohibited. Drinking your favorite red wine with a little bolognese is not forbidden either.

Icelandic meal

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