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Floral Tiered Top | Everyday Kendy

this anthro blouse Get all the mind’s eye from me Well my best friend, is she comfortable? She doesn’t have heart eyes. is she beautiful? All mind’s eye. I love fashion more than form and function, so this top is perfect for me!! If you want to be comfortable day and night, this top might not be for you. You can see that the armpits and armpits are a little itchy. What I said is gross either way, but you get what I’m saying. Underground where the arm meets the chest. (The shoulder in this illustration is the attic. For your reference)

I was at a bloggers conference this week just wondering how the brands I met looked me up and read that paragraph and if they were the same people I met IRL . it’s not. I don’t know who you met this week, but she was lovely, wasn’t she?

This top is TTS It has a small tube top attached underneath so it’s attached. That way the belly button won’t show up when the tier goes up. genius. I’m in the media, TTS. Find out here!

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