Floods hit Pakistan to be remembered for All-Ireland Polo Club season finale

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Mr Shahid Iqbal, Acting Ambassador of the Pakistani Embassy in Ireland, recently attended the All Ireland Polo Club in Dublin to present the finest Pakistan Cup in its nearly 150 year old collection.

The season ended with one of the favorites of the summer calendar, the Pakistan Cup tournament at the All Ireland Polo Club in Dublin, Ireland.

Dr Faiyaz Sharif (left), All Ireland Polo Club President Paul Monaghan, Pakistani Ambassador to Ireland Shaid Iqbal, Team Captain Ian Magahee, Hannah Corbett, Siobhan Herbst and James Connolly receiving the Pakistan Cup

Iqbal attended AIPC on September 11, marking the second year the embassy has presented the cup. But this year was filled with sorrow that Pakistan’s planned bilateral war with Ireland could not take place due to the unrelenting floods that recently hit parts of the country.

“Last year we were planning a match in Pakistan for a polo match,” said Dr Fayaz Sharif on behalf of the embassy when the prize was presented to the winning team, Glenn Patrick. “Pakistan is (already) flooded and (now) suffering. The constant impact of flooding is causing disaster.”

The disaster is estimated to have displaced 35 million people and killed thousands more. Crops and livestock as well as homes were destroyed, and the economic impact on the country is estimated at more than 10 billion rupees (42 million euros) for her.

“People are suffering,” Dr. Sharif said of certain areas of Pakistan, including his home village, and getting relief from the NPOs he supports. “The people on the ground are evacuating people, taking them to dry land, giving them food and shelter.”

Embassy of Pakistan in Ireland Shahid Iqbal with Pakistan Cup Wexford runners-up Johnny Hahn (left), John Flavin, Paddy Casey, Tom Small and All Ireland Polo Club Chairman Paul Monaghan

Mr. Shahid Iqbal, Acting Ambassador of the Pakistani Embassy in Ireland (left), Jacqueline O’Neill, CEO and founder of Pynck.com, Siobhan Herbst, sponsor of the Pakistan Tournament Best Team Player Award, and All Ireland Polo Club President Paul Monahan. I was. Ireland’s top polo her player, her Siobhan, also won the Treo Eile Re-Trained Racehorse Award for Best Her Playing His Thoroughbred.

The not-for-profit Al-Mustafa Trust organization in https://almustafatrust.org.pk Earned the support of Pynck.com by matching the bereaved family of Dr. Fayaz Sharif and presenting prizes to Glenpatrick in the tournament final against Wexford.

Jacqueline O’Neill, CEO and founder of Pynck.com, said in a donation donation to flood victims: “On behalf of Pynck.com, this donation is a small token of our appeal. I did,” he said. “Thank you to everyone who came today, especially the players.”

In a recent message received just days after the tournament final, Al Mustafa Trust’s Ahmed Nawaz thanked the donations made for the Pakistan Cup, saying: I am from the hinterland of Sindh and sadly his 95% of the crop is gone. We will soon see an economic crisis.

All-Ireland Polo Club commentator Ra Shiran called the Pakistan Cup final between Glenpatrick and Wexford in torrential rain.

The ever-changing Irish weather kept the Pakistan Cup tournament in near perfect condition, but the team continued to play despite soggy ground and torrential rain at the All Ireland Polo Club in Dublin, Ireland. rice field.

“People’s lives suffer from water-borne endemic diseases. People on higher ground are in the open sky with plastic debris on their heads.

“We are committed to ensuring that the support from you and your organization reaches the people who deserve it.”

The Al Mustafa Trust provides primary care and treats malaria and cholera to villages across Pakistan, while providing disaster relief and is coordinated from headquarters in the US and UK.

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