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Find your signature style. I dress confidently, but I’m obsessed with how-tos, lists, and redoes. “Five Ways To .

this little article in the magazine real simple Contains some gold: Define signature styleIt’s really simple (heh), applies to any wardrobe, isn’t oppressive, and appeals to my sense of order.

I’m going to apply the guidelines to my wardrobe. Please share in the comments! From the article, here’s the verbatim text of step #1:

Step 1: Identify What Works

You probably have a handful of go-to pieces that you instinctively reach for when you want to see them all together. The first step to achieving that goal is understanding why those favorites are so well liked, says Amy E. Goodman. wear this and throw it. “Find five things you wore every day if no one was tracking you,” she says. (emphasis mine). Choose anything from the tops, pants, dresses and skirts categories. Then ask yourself a few questions about each piece.

How would you describe your item? Crisp tailoring? Soft and wavy?
What kind of image does it project? Smart and professional? Edgy and fashionable?
what color is that? Do shades brighten your complexion?
what is the fabric?
What does your silhouette look like? Did you squeeze your waist? Does it flow and graze your waist?
What part of your body does it emphasize?
What parts of your body are not stressed? Are you comfortable?

Your answer is your style barometer. “Be careful buying reproductions,” says Goodman. You may find yourself preferring darker colors and flared shapes, but all you need is a pair of good black pants. “Think of it as nailing a signature look rather than being rutted,” she says.

Ok, here we go. Here are the 5 pieces I wear every day.

  • Boyfriend cut jeans in dark wash.
  • black long sleeve teaSlim cut but not tight.
  • striped long sleeve teaa little oversized.
  • black pencil or full skirt.
  • black or gray midi knit dressLayered sleeveless.
But a little loose. Buy one size up: >

I’m not entirely sure about this image, other than feeling like “me”, “she likes black”, “moved to New York”, or “boring!”. Everything is soft and easy to wear. , neutral and fairly casual. I like body-skimming clothes that hint at my form. I like the waistline and it accentuates the upper body. Avoid bright colors and prints.

what does this question do No Consider that these pieces are the backdrop for many accessories.One of my signatures is a blank canvas for creativity.

next time Analyze your mistake!

To You: What are your 5 Reach for Peace? What do they reveal about you? Or do these articles paralyze you?? There is no wrong answer!

great stay, xo

Wear whatever you want, whenever you want. Here are some goodies to browse:

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