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Over the past decade or so, you may have noticed something in the world of menswear. The style is more casual than business, lines are blurred, and items (and fabrics) more commonly associated with the gym cross over to everyday wear.

You could call it “athleisure” or “performance menswear.” Beyond your typical athletic staples, there are several brands that make up your everyday wardrobe. In our opinion, Olivers Apparel does that just like any other brand on the market.

From athletic shorts (the kind you can actually wear to your workout) to stylish stretch chinos and super soft tees, Olivers deftly pushes the boundaries between performance and style. If you’re still unfamiliar with the brand, read this review (and brand overview) from Olivers Apparel.

Oliver All Over Short closeup.

What exactly is Oliver’s Apparel, and is it worth it?

Unlike some other modern performance menswear brands, Olivers Apparel has considerable pedigree and family history, at least as far as founder David Wolfe is concerned.

A family of immigrants, Wolf’s relatives, including his great-grandmother, ran men’s clothing stores and sold clothing throughout the United States.

Olivers Apparel’s pieces are far more contemporary than 1900s clothing, but they’re an interesting piece of history that menswear enthusiasts old and new can appreciate.

The company as we know it today was launched in 2013 at the beginning of the “athleisure” boom in Los Angeles.

Whether it’s a pandemic or a more casual dress code, Olivers Apparel’s gear is here for the latest trends, whether you need stretch pants for the street or performance shorts for days at the gym or at home. It’s worth considering in your loose, everyday wardrobe.

These are some of our favorite EG-approved picks from the brand.

what to buy from olivers apparel

all over shorts

Better style workout shorts are the very definition of Olivers All Over Shorts. These are a big step up from the more standard athletic shorts from major brands.

Olivers Apparel All Over Shorts

The breathable, water-repellent fabric offers versatile functionality from the trail to the gym to even days at home (heard from this menswear writer, I’m a big fan of this pair).

At $78, the price is steep, but the additional investment is certainly worth it. It’s the perfect fit for freedom of movement while working out or hiking in the park, and the 7.5-inch inseam isn’t too short (like his running shorts, for example) or too baggy.

Man in Olivers black T-shirt and green shorts
all over short baron

I wore mine around the house, out in the park on a hot summer day, out on the trail without missing a beat.

They come in a wide range of colors, 12 to be exact, to cater for an equally wide range of personal styles.If you’ve tried Vuori’s Kore Shorts, these are the very similar.

These aren’t as sophisticated or wearable in many situations as chino shorts, but can be worn around town more casually with a great t-shirt. canvas sneakersespecially in neutral colors like black.

charter short

At the other end of the spectrum from the workout-oriented all-over shorts are the Charter Shorts.

Oliver's Charter Short
Oliver’s Charter Short

A modern and functional update to the classic chino fit you know and love. Made of Japanese twill cotton with excellent elasticity and recovery.

watch Olivers

The All Over Shorts are perfect for more active activities, while the Charter Shorts are a great choice for a set of modern chino shorts made with outstanding fabric blends, check all the appropriate boxes.

The design mimics that of cotton chino shorts, but the stretch cotton twill fabric goes far beyond the typical pair made from 100% cotton. Stretchy fabric allows these shorts to move freely without losing shape.

A man in a black Olivers T-shirt and dark green shorts
Barron in charter shorts from Oliver’s Apparel

That’s a slight price increase from $88 for All Over Shorts. For example, you can easily compare it to Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts. These are stretch shorts in classic colors with a comfortable, modern fit.

Think of these like your everyday go-to shorts, styled with a crisp, lightweight polo and loafers, or a pocket tee and crisp white leather sneakers. Four timeless color options offer solid styling possibilities by combining bold patterns throughout your wardrobe.

Other Olivers Apparel Favorites to Check Out

convoy tea

In the world of performance menswear, between workouts shirt Pair the Olivers Apparel Convoy Tee with a simple cotton tee.

Olivers Apparel Convoy T-shirt

Made from 100% merino that is moisture wicking, antibacterial and stretchy yet holds its shape. Plus, it comes in tons of colors and can be worn in a variety of style situations, whether layered under a denim jacket or rocked alone.

porter hoodie

Olivers has a knack for taking basic items such as casual hoodies and stepping things up in terms of manufacturing and quality.

Olivers Apparel Porter Hoodie
Olivers Apparel Porter Hoodie

Ready for life on the move. This mid-weight layering piece is made from 100% sweat-friendly Australian Merino wool.

watch Olivers

The Porter Hoody features a clean, streamlined design (note the lack of drawstrings on the hood, for example), making it an all-important design in 100% Australian Merino Wool. It’s your new favorite hoodie, seriously upgraded.

passage pants

If you’re a fan of performance stretch shorts with a clean fit and want that same look and feel in your pants, look no further than the Passage Pants.

Olivers Apparel Passage Pants

The design is reminiscent of the classic 5-pocket pant, but with durable CORDURA fiber in a 4-way stretch fabric. Pair these with Oliver Tees for soft, comfortable, go-anywhere versatility.

So should you buy Oliver’s apparel?

If you’ve never noticed Olivers Apparel is a brand worth buying if you’re looking for a delicate balance between go-anywhere performance and go-anywhere style..

Stretch fabrics are useful in a variety of situations, whether you’re on the go, around town on a hot day, or in the office where comfort and style can go a long way.

And the brand’s active-minded shorts and tees don’t just power you through your workout. Layers like the Olivers Apparel Passage Pants and the essential comfy pants work as everyday essentials when layered and worn the right way. – Integral convoy tee.

The color options and fit range offer something for everyone, no matter what your preference, but the price is premium, but well worth it.

Go beyond classic fabrics and enter the world of modern performance menswear with Olivers Apparel.

Have you tried Olivers Apparel? Which of the above items are you most looking forward to adding to your closet?

Let us know what you think!Feel free to DM me on Instagram Any time!

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