Edgy and casual look: button-down check shirt and blue denim jeans

Coordinate with light blue jeans and check shirt

Today’s outfit is a very easy-to-wear outfit with a button-down check shirt.

The outfit pairing is a button-down check shirt, mid-blue denim jeans, and white Adidas Stan Smith trainers.

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Checked shirts are one of my favorite items. In the summer, you can open the front and wear a plain T-shirt, but when it gets a little chilly in the fall, you can button it up and wear it as a neat shirt.

This is a button-down collar (the difference between button-up and button-down) and is usually the tail sign of more casual shirts, rather than formal shirts.

When it comes to plaid, I’m pretty particular about what I like. Thankfully, this is one of my favorite patterns.

The color scheme is important for the plaid pattern, and it goes very well with it. It is a very good combination of cool green and cool blue combined with white.

It’s a very muted and toned down color palette. That means it works on so many levels with different garments.

Origin of shirt mangoand I got it a while ago and have worn it with many other outfits.

PRPS Light Denim Jeans with White Adidas Stan Smith Trainer

For the lower half I went for the pair PRPS denim jeans in mid blue color.

When it comes to jeans, I definitely prefer darker jeans to lighter jeans.

But sometimes you like change and that’s where these jeans come in.

Light blue denim looks more casual, but I think that’s what makes these jeans special.

Not only that, but they also have some pain.

I usually wear dark plain jeans, so it would be nice to mix and match something different from my usual style.

These jeans complement the shirt well and give the overall outfit an edgy style, making it sloppy and casual.

For footwear I went for my white adidas stan smith sneakers.

The Stan Smith can be dressed up or down, but the rest of this outfit feels like it’s definitely worn as a casual trainer.

If you’re looking for outfit inspiration, that’s what I’m wearing today.

I want something different than T-shirts and jeans, and wearing a checkered shirt is one way.

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