Easy and quick hairstyles with clip-in hair extensions

balayage hairstyle

When it comes to everyday hairstyles, you should aim for styles that are easy to reproduce and look good on you. Ideally, everyday hairstyles should not last forever.

Here are some of the best hairstyles you can recreate with human hair extensions.If you’re not ready to commit and want to switch from one look to another, there are always quality clip in hair extensions for your hair. This way it can blend seamlessly with your natural tresses, not to mention lasting longer than synthetic hair.

Also, if you’re new to hair extensions, you may have a little trouble finding extensions that match your natural hair. But don’t worry. Hair extension specialists such as Cliphair offer free color matches to their customers and potential customers.

Add volume using clips to human hair extensions

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Fluffy & bouncy

For this first hairstyle, you’ll want to keep the top hair in place with clips while leaving a small section of natural hair underneath. start to

Then use hairspray to fix the hair. Clip in her hair Use her extensions and fold the clips over so the weft creates two clips of her (for even more volume). Attach the hair extensions to the lower part of your hair.

Repeat the process for the top part of the hair. Once done, forge a section from the side and back comb this section. Repeat this process on the other side of your hair.

As a final result, you are ready for a cute hairstyle!

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Who doesn’t like wearing hair extensions in a low ponytail? The exciting thing about wearing hair extensions in a low ponytail is that you don’t have to clip the hair extensions past ear level. . Therefore, you can save a lot of time and effort.

Another great thing is that you don’t have to worry about blending the hair extensions with your natural hair at the top of your hair. It can prevent bulging that can be caused by

The same technique applies to creating a low bun. All you need to do is clip a few weft threads up to ear level. Then tie your hair into a low ponytail to create the perfect bun. This way, the hair looks natural, but the bun with the added length and thickness of the hair extensions looks lush and neat.

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fishtail braid

You can use the same strategy as above to create a low braid. All you need to do is attach your hair extensions – again – no higher than your ears.

For example, if you want to create a voluminous fishtail braid, you can use hair extensions. Loop the ends of your hair and extensions into a knot. never know.

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