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do you wear it – moto and pleats

Happy Saturday, ladies. It’s time to put it on, so let’s get dressed up with a second cup of coffee or tea. A few notes before we start… A big thank you to our friend Eileen for getting us the mannequin image. I didn’t feel like going out with this sinus infection, so she happily jumped in.

Every Saturday I share a mannequin with my friend Pam and ask if I can wear a model mannequin. There’s also a little backstory here.

It’s 2016 and we’re at the Las Vegas airport…I’m still wearing hats, pants, totes, and necklaces. Boy, did we look younger!

Pam and I have been blogging buddies for as long as I can remember. We met in person at a blogging conference in Nashville and struck up a friendship.We were both brand ambassadors artful home who at that time generously Equipped both of us for the conference. We stayed in a room together and I remember howling and laughing late into the night. Did you know she’s really funny??

This was back when the hashtag was #HELLOIMFABULOUS.

they . Here is an article about me.

Pam and I have worked together on multiple Blabs (video chats), run many influencer blogging campaigns for Chadwicks in Boston, and have always supported each other in this difficult business.

Blogging can be an isolated and lonely business, so meeting other bloggers and making real connections is gold. invited her to participate.

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Let’s move on to mannequins. Can you wear a model mannequin? How will you style your piece?

pleated skirt / boots / Jacket / sweater not found

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these jeans
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Now let’s see what our friend Pam’s mannequin is modeled after Over 50 Feeling 40

thank you for reading. Don’t forget to dress with confidence.

see my look

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