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What is the perfect capsule wardrobe? What do you need for that? Which item do you need to reach the perfect level? But here we are only talking about clothing.

There are various clothing items that you need for daily use. However, there are a few essentials in your capsule wardrobe. To be fair, everyone has a different idea of ​​the perfect capsule wardrobe. What are the must-have capsule wardrobe items for almost every woman?


Let’s start with the most important part of creating the perfect capsule wardrobe. tops. Of course, shirts, T-shirts, singlets, and other items that are indispensable for everyday wear.

When it comes to colors, owning a black and white t-shirt is a must in almost any wardrobe and shouldn’t be forgotten. Well, when it comes to T-shirts, everyone has their own preferences. Some like it to be a little more fitted, while others like it to be pretty loose. Fitted ones give a sense of style, while looser ones tend to be more comfortable.

It’s important that everyone there has at least one black shirt, one white shirt, and one blue shirt. Cotton and silk shirts are recommended for everyday wear. That said, linen shirts are perfect for summer vacation, but there are issues that cannot be ignored. It creases a little too much, making it very difficult for some people to use.

Well, the materials people choose often vary depending on the weather and environment they live in, or their occupation. . For example, in the summer, pair a miniskirt with sandals for styling. In winter, you can wear it under a jumper or long coat for a summery look.


All right. In the next part, we’ll talk about outerwear, starting with jackets.

A vintage Burberry coat solves most outerwear problems. According to us, trenches should have relatively slim lines to look good with almost anything.

Well, today it is very important to have a woolen coat in your wardrobe. It is also nice to have different colors such as tan, gray, and navy. However, it also depends on the weather where you live. Sometimes I only have one in my closet, depending on which one suits me best.

If you were to make a list of must-haves, a black blazer would definitely top that list. That black blazer of yours should be double-breasted because it’s more versatile.You can also wear it with nice trousers and some fancy heels in the evening.With a t-shirt in the daytime. Or a singlet for that perfect look. When it comes to buying a blazer, we recommend choosing something slightly oversized, but don’t put it in the oversized category as it may not work for most events and occasions.

Next is a leather jacket that every wardrobe needs. Not great for winter, but great for spring and fall. In these two seasons, it will be active as an accent for coordination. Leather jackets are generally pretty expensive, but if you’re looking for style, it’s a great investment.His one thing about these leather jackets is that they can be used in both. Women’s casual and party dresses. You don’t need to have many of these in your wardrobe collection. One can last for years. This is why leather is a kind of investment.


Let’s get down to another wardrobe essential: the jumper.

In winter, just about every closet needs a chunky knit jumper. To be fair, owning a lot of jumpers doesn’t really matter. It’s entirely up to you, but a black or navy or cream jumper will look good with almost any bottom or upper layer.

Recently, cashmere jumpers have become a hot topic, so it is very convenient to have them in different colors. Grays, blacks and tans are popular and recommended, as are crew necks.

Fleece jumpers occupy a fair share of wardrobe essentials, perhaps as one of the last, but by no means least useless. Fleece jumpers, on the other hand, are quite popular in cold weather. Sure, it’s perfect for wearing at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it outside. Depending on the styling, you can also wear it under a leather jacket or trench coat.

So, this is a list of capsule wardrobe essentials you need to get the most out of almost every season.