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Denim is back. Here’s how to add it to your wardrobe. Fashion Nectar

To the world of denim It was the garment of choice for everyone from cowboys to miners, but its primary use was the workwear of manual laborers. Back in the 1950s, with the release of Rebel Without a Cause starring James Dean, wearing denim jeans became a symbol of rebellious youth. From here on, wearing denim, especially in his ’80s and his ’90s, is part of most people’s wardrobes, and this continues into his 2020s.

In the 90s, people started experimenting with denim in such a fun way that the iconic double denim was born. However, this has been lost a bit and denim wear has mostly come in the form of jeans or shorts. As a result, we know that having fun with denim is once again on the horizon. Let me introduce you to the guide.

Tips for buying denim

The number one tip when buying denim is to be thrifty. Denim is resource and material intensive to manufacture and is expensive as well as environmentally unfriendly. Instead, go to a thrift store and you’ll find special items that will last for years at a fraction of the cost.

If you want brand new denim, I highly recommend choosing a brand that is aware of their environmental impact and focuses on the quality of their products. Lifetime free repairs. This helps support our sustainability pledge and underscore our trust in jeans. This is a great example of why it’s okay to buy new denim.

A final tip is to make sure the item you buy is completely timeless. Denim is expensive, so you want to buy something that you can wear and love for years to come. To do this, avoid trends such as wide-leg jeans or skinny jeans, opting for a classic fit instead. If you’re not sure you’ll like it in a few years, don’t get it.

denim care tips

Before we delve into examples of denim you can add to your wardrobe, we want to give you some important care tips. The best tip we can give you is to avoid washing your denim too much. So a general rule is to only wash your denim when really necessary, such as with heavy spills. Washing at 30 degrees and air drying will definitely do the trick! A good rule of thumb is to wash your jeans every two to three months if you wear them regularly.

good jeans

We started saying jeans aren’t everything, but this is no styling guide without denim! Denim jeans are an essential in every wardrobe as they are almost always an important base for any outfit. The best advice we can give here is to invest in a good pair. It’s worth the difference you’ll see from good quality denim, not to mention it will last for decades.

As we’ve already mentioned, when you invest in good jeans you want something timeless, so choose a classic fit. I also recommend using a classic wash rather than something like an acid wash. This is also because you may change your mind after a few years. Trends come and go, but classic jeans always come with you!


Next on our list to help you add denim to your wardrobe is a denim jacket. When thinking about denim jackets, the length just below the waist gives a flattering fit. Thick and slightly oversized, it offers a timeless jacket that can be added to any outfit. Layer it over a women’s tracksuit for a smart casual look, pair it with a summer dress and trainers, or separate jeans and a denim jacket with a white tank top and double it with denim.

Throw on a denim jacket and you’ll be able to tie everything together. So invest in a classic denim his jacket and you won’t regret it.

denim dress

One of the most underrated dresses in your wardrobe is the denim dress. We personally love thin strap mini denim dresses, which can be worn alone with cute sandals in summer. You can style it over a blazer in the fall, wear a turtleneck under a dress in the winter, and pair it with tights and boots for a cute and cozy winter look. look. This can be worn all year round, so it’s very versatile and a great piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe.

Denim shirt

Another staple in your denim wardrobe is the denim shirt. The styling possibilities for denim shirts are endless. Wear it open with a tank and black skirt underneath, tuck it into a bright summer skirt with heels, or tie it at the waist for a beautiful look. Maxi skirt, just started!

Of course, one of the more obvious choices is to go with double denim. We recommend choosing a different shade of denim than your jeans, or you can break up your look by wearing denim of the same color and then unzipping the shirt and wearing a white tank top and belt underneath. Double Blue Denim You can also opt for black denim jeans if you’re not ready for a pair yet. You can also opt for an oversized denim shirt and wear a black jumper over it so that only part of the shirt is peeking out for an effortless look.

No matter how you style your denim shirt, we think you’ll love it. It will become an essential part of your wardrobe.


Last but not least, there are dungarees. In the 60’s and 70’s, dungarees were worn by both men and women, but their popularity declined slightly after the 90’s. Dungarees are the centerpiece of any outfit and are very easy to style. Wear a jumper and boots underneath in the fall, a simple t-shirt and trainers in the summer, a t-shirt and heeled blazer when eating out, and a cozy teddy bear his coat for a cute winter walk. I can. Skirt dungarees are also a great option if you don’t want a full look and can be styled in the same way as full dungarees.

Choose from classic blue or black denim dungarees for a timeless finish that you’ll want to wear every day!

final thoughts

Denim has been an important part of society for over 100 years. Trends may come and go, but invest in a great classic His jeans or timeless Denim His jacket and it will stay in your wardrobe for decades. The options are endless if you know how to style them properly, so just add a few things and you can continue with different outfit combinations. I hope we have shown you how good we are. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. We know you’ll get a lot of compliments on your outfit! More importantly, you’ll feel more confident than ever before. We’re sure you’ll feel this when you invest in some great denim.

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