Denim Daze – Nicolette Mason

This may sound a little strange… but growing up, bloomingdales It was honestly one of those places I dreamed of shopping at one day. NYC imports came to his LA when I was a teenager and I started noticing their iconic designs when visiting the mall with friends on the weekends. little brown bag Swinging from the hands of chic older women i don’t know what Escaped and fascinated me at that age.

Explore Bloomingdale’s beauty counters with plenty of time to spare, Mac A faint scent on the back of your palm Chanel On my wrist (admittedly too old for me at the time), passed out on colored candy lancome lip gloss, hoping that one of the salespeople, amused by my somewhat premature obsession with makeup, will share a few samples with me. bought his first Marc Jacobs heels at Bloomingdale’s to celebrate his move to New York (and, in my opinion, the beginning of my leap into adulthood). first time.

As a full-fledged adult, Bloomies From denim staples (like my favorite from NYDJ) to gorgeous designer pieces, definitely stayed in my corner in a department that included the size I go for. White ankle-length NYDJ I wore skinnies a few weeks ago and have worn them many times since then (with heels and sneakers). white denim It can be tricky and I’ve probably only worn a few pairs in my life, but I love these very Opaque, comfortable, looks very fresh and very clean.

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