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cute disney nail designs for your inspiration

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Pink nails with Mickey Mouse-shaped glitter
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Looking for fun new nail ideas? If you are addicted to Disney, or if you are planning to go to Disney, please try it. disney inspired nail designs!

When it comes to Disney nails, many people think of Mickey Mouse nails. It looks very cute, but So There are many other ways to incorporate Disney into your nail designs.

For example, think of the various Disney movies and characters. There are plenty of opportunities to create cute nail sets that you adore.

If you’ve been wanting to try some Disney-inspired nail designs but need some inspiration, don’t worry, you’ll see this post. 15 Magical Disney Nail Design Ideas You Should Try!

1. Magic Kingdom Nails

If you want cute, glittery Disney-inspired nails that accentuate the classic Disney designs, this is the place to go. magic kingdom nails.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is iconic and one of the most magical parts of the Disney brand. Most people will probably easily recognize this Disney because of how memorable the Magic Kingdom castles are.

So, if you want your nails to stand out, this nail design is recommended. Highly recommended if you are going to Disney!

2. Maleficent Nails

There are so many characters that are part of Disney. Also, when thinking of Disney inspired nail designs, don’t forget Disney villains. Because you can create cool designs with these characters. (Don’t worry, let’s go to the princesses later!)

For example, if you’re obsessed with Sleeping Beauty, consider trying out these Maleficent nails. These are detailed, but perfect if you want DIY nail art (or if your salon can handle this design).

I also like the idea of ​​doing these if you’re going to Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween party.

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3. Mickey Mouse Nails

Of course, you can always opt for simple and iconic Disney nail designs like this one. Mickey Mouse nail art look.

This is a super cute way to incorporate a Disney theme into your nail look while easily achieving this look at home. Plus, this design is classic and goes with anything.

4. Dumbo Nails

One Disney movie that is so cute to base Disney-inspired nail designs on is Dumbo.

This is a classic movie that grabs people’s attention. The tutorial above shows how to make a Dumbo-themed nail design. (Note: Unless your nail art skills are out of this world, we recommend getting this at a salon.)

5. Disney Princess Nails

of course everyone knows disney princessThey are one of the most famous and iconic parts of Disney and probably what we all grew up with.

So if you want to create a nail look that showcases the part of a princess, it’s possible. For example, if you want to do fine nails, we recommend this nail that incorporates your face!

This is a more intricate nail design to do yourself, but if you want to try this at home, or just want to know how to do it for your next salon visit, watch this tutorial to see how. See if you can get a look!

6. Winnie the Pooh Nails

winnie the pooh Another super cute option if you want to focus on other Disney characters for Disney-inspired nail looks.

You can choose from a variety of character nails, but all of them are cute, so we recommend nails that incorporate all Winnie the Pooh characters.

You will fall in love with the simple but very cute Disney nail designs!

7.Glitter Mickey Mouse Nails

If you want Mickey Mouse nails, but want a color other than the classic red, black, and white, then this glamor must be your pick. mickey nails design!

The Mickey Mouse nails look the same, but you can incorporate different colors and add sparkles to make them more unique.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to easily create nail stickers at home using Mickey Mouse shaped nail decals.

8. Disney Castle Nails

almost everyone knows walt disney photo castle The beginning of a Disney movie.

So, if you’re looking for a nostalgic piece of Disney to use for your Disney inspired nail design, go for this nail design shown in this video tutorial!

9. Lion King Nails

Other characters you can substitute for princesses and villains for your Disney-inspired nails include: The Lion King.

If you love this movie and want to use this for nail design inspiration, watch this easy video tutorial to see exactly how to do it at home.

10. Find Dolly Nail

Finding Dory is another fun option for a Disney-inspired nail design based on the recent movie. (Anyway, we love beach nails here in CF…)

Check out this tutorial to see how you can incorporate all the cute characters from this movie into your nail look.

11. Walt Disney Friends Nails

If you want to step back in time and create a Disney-themed nail look based on the most classic Disney characters, we recommend following these steps. Nail tutorials inspired by Walt Disney Friends.

This nail look features all of Disney’s most iconic characters, including Mickey, Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck. Plus, if you have nail art skills, you can easily do it at home.

12. Beauty and the Beast Nails

If you want a Disney-themed nail look based on one Disney princess, you can do that too!

For example, your favorite Disney princess is beauty and the beast belletry a nail look based on her, as shown in this video tutorial.

All you need to do is use a similar color associated with the character, such as the dress color, and add some reminders of this character, such as the roses from Beauty and the Beast.

13. Magical & Classic Disney Princess Nails

another way Disney-style nails inspired by Disney princesses Just make their iconic outfit your nail design.

If you’re not sure what this looks like, check out this video tutorial for a great example. We’ll show you how to pick out multiple Disney Princesses characters like Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Ariel and more and use their outfits to create cute Disney inspired nail polish looks for her.

14. Little Mermaid Nails

If you’re like me and your favorite Disney princess is Ariel, Ariel style nails For Disney nails!

A great way to do this is to incorporate scale-like designs into your nail art to resemble a mermaid’s tail.

If you want some ideas on how to create this look, check out this tutorial for a great example!

15. Disney Descendants Nails

If you want a more contemporary and recent Disney movie based nail look, you can do that too!

for example, offspring of disneyDisney movies/musicals can be used as inspiration for Disney-inspired nail looks.

Check out this quick video tutorial to see how to get the look.

Which nail design do you think is the most adorable on this list?

What is your favorite Disney character? Why do not you try cute nails at Disney?

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