Cultural highlights to look forward to this fall — That’s Not My Age

We’ve often wondered why spring gets all the credit for newness. Fall feels like the beginning of things.Angela Kennedy and the That’s Not My Age team are kicking off this season with exciting cultural debuts and events, including some of our favorite TV shows. summarizes a selection of

Mrs. Harris, Lesley Manville, goes to Paris.

movie – Mrs Harris goes to Paris

All films with Isabelle Huppert (piano Please call your teacher/my agent) It draws me like a magnet. Pair her with the wonderful Lesley Manville.Both are currently starring in Mrs. Harris went to Paris, And I am hooked before reading a single review. Mrs. Harris (Manville) is a charlady from London in her fifties who has fallen in love with her client Dior’s dress and longs to own it.She is saving money for her famous trip to Paris. Maison of Dior Mme Colbert (Huppert) is at the helm. Both women know how to show their frosty side, so it doesn’t take much imagination to imagine the ensuing scene of French haute tulle! I can vouch for its subdued “impostor syndrome” feeling, but this promises a triumphantly hilarious ending to a Cinderella story. When

At movie theaters nationwide from September 30th

Book – Cormac McCarthy Passenger

Cormac McCarthy’s seminal novel, the Lord It became a turning point for post-apocalyptic novels. This article was published 16 years before him, but the recent global virus makes it seem too relevant again.Nothing heartbreakingly dark, but I look forward to his long-awaited new novel passenger. A pre-release snippet suggests there’s no shortage of drama. Dive into the history of his questionable family who was thwarted. What hasn’t already set the pulse race? Stella Maris It was eventually sold as a box set. When

Chopper, 25th October, suggested retail price £20

TV – Happy Valley

BAFTA award-winning series, happy valley, can’t wait to be back for its third and final series!!! It’s worth the exclamation point. Sergeant Catherine Cawwood (Sarah Lancashire) returns on the verge of her retirement, but she’s grappling with gang murders and an ongoing drug-related problem in the Valley. Her own complicated family history follows her younger sister, Claire Cartwright (played brilliantly by Siobhan Finneran), and grandson, now 16, Ryan (Rhys Conner), to her mother’s rapist/father, Tommy. I am deciding what kind of relationship I want with Lee Royce (played by James Norton). ). Of course, who’s involved in the new murders and no release date has been announced yet, but we’re already on the edge of our seats.

BBC, date TBD this fall

Collage of vases, c Kaffe Fassett 2022

Exhibition – Kaffe Fassett: The Power of Patterns

Textile giant Kaffe Facet will become a household name for craft enthusiasts around the world. His long and fruitful career spanned nearly 50 years, and this exhibition celebrates his vision. Facet has elevated his craft to an art form and, at 84, shows no signs of slowing down. It is inspiring to see Facet power through patterns to create kaleidoscopes of color that span decades. Artists Brandon Mabry and Philip Jacobs were invited to exhibit their work side by side , which adds context to Facet’s story and promises a truly immersive retrospective. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete my own Kaffe Fassett tapestry his kit, which was tucked away in a drawer. When

Fashion Textile Museum, London, 23 September 2022 to 12 March 2023

Marisa Abella and Maihara Herold as Yasmine and Harper industry Season 2 (Credit: BBC One/HBO)

tv set – industry

What about a toxic work environment that inspires obsessive thoughts? The high-billed banker’s conspiracy peer point & Co was a big hit in the first round and Series 2 continues with 5 young aspiring traders. Aren’t they soothing and hedonistic? Has the Me Too movement really sunk into its macho management style? (playing Craig) will be back with you.The teaser reveals that her boss said, “You’re not doing your job.” When me – you are working for Myself”. The publishing world had its moment, but nothing about this. When

BBC1, 27 September

Automat (1927) by Edward Hopper. Corbis/VCG via Getty Images

Exhibition – Edward Hopper’s New York

I am grateful to live in London, perhaps the most art gallery-friendly city in the world, but there is no other place quite like New York.of Whitney Museum of American Art It will host an unprecedented exhibition of the great American artist Edward Hopper, It was excellent at capturing the aura and atmosphere of this ever-changing city.His iconic work has been etched into our psyches, especially over the years. office at night – The tragic scenario says it all.There was an exhibition at tate modern Back in 2004 (fortunately, I saw it), this promises to be something special because it focuses on the city he loves and has lived in for nearly 60 years (his died in 1967). More than 200 of his paintings will be on display, as well as personal letters and notes. Was he a lonely soul, as many of his works portray? Go and see for yourself. When

Whitney Museum of American ArtNew York City, October 19, 2022 to March 2, 2023

tv set – good fight

we came late good fight Fandom, missed the prequel series (Good Wife), But after watching just one episode, we were hooked. It’s definitely not too late to join this his sixth and final series. The brilliant duo of Diane Lockhart (Kristin Baranski) and Liz Reddick (Audra McDonald) are the best lawyers in a predominantly black city’s law firm. The series begins with Diane suffering from extreme déjà vu and lamenting the setbacks in women’s choice decades ago, to Trump running for president (again) and the cold war restarting. It’s the kind of social reflection the show does so brilliantly that it draws a direct line from the viewer to the fiction. Office politics, legal intrigue, and a great cast join in for a thrilling and entertaining rollercoaster ride.

Paramount+, now streaming [Hopefully it will make its way to the Channel4 family soon, like its previous series.]

What are you looking forward to this fall?